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If Duterte is perceived as doing better than his predecessor, that's because he delivers on his campaign promises as he constantly communicates his intention to solve the big concerns of ordinary people: Illegal drugs, law and order, corruption, the economy and public services.
2018 is a political year, the state government will continue its laudable programmes, but I promise you there will be changes in the campaign promises of APC in both Kwara State and the country at large.
Duterte, like his predecessors, will not be able to deliver on his campaign promises and so the public should not
15 (ANI): Simon Rosenberg, founder of NDN, a liberal think tank in Washington on Saturday paralleled President Donald Trump with Lord Shiva, the god of destruction for aggressively exercising his executive power in a bid to force Congress into action on an array of unfulfilled campaign promises.
The joint selfie, taken during a visit in Bannon's office on Israeli Independence Day, shows the former Breitbart News chief in front of a white board featuring a list of campaign promises, some with check marks, others without.
Over half American voters - and nearly 90 percent of people who voted for President Donald Trump - believe Trump is delivering on his campaign promises, according to a (https://morningconsult.
A Canadian website has set up a "Rohani Meter" to keep track of what campaign promises President Rohani has kept and which ones he has abandoned.
Just as the president has ignored his campaign promises and constitutional responsibilities with his executive wars, he has also violated both the U.
More than two years into its term, the ruling Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has failed to fulfill many of its "ambitious campaign promises of economic and fiscal reform", the US Department of State said in its latest report on the investment climate in The Bahamas, reports The Nassau Guardian (July 2, 2014).
penalizing the Armenian Genocide denial, which was one of French President Francois Hollande's campaign promises.
THE MAJORITY of people polled by TV station Ant-1 believe that none of the presidential candidates will keep their campaign promises.
Barack Obama's campaign promises to create five million new jobs by investing EUR150bn in renewable energy.

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