campaign promises

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Nasiru Yalwa who said the commencement of the payment of the gratuities was in fulfilment of the Governor's campaign promises, indicated that the payment is for 2011 state government retirees while that of local government is for 2010.
The bill, which was supposed to end illegal contractualization, was even certified as urgent by the President since it was one of his campaign promises in 2016.
Cynthia Villar asked newly elected officials in this city to keep their campaign promises and show their constituents that they made the right choice.
One of new President Jair Bolsonaro's main campaign promises was that he would loosen Brazil's strict gun laws, arguing that because criminals are well-armed with illegally obtained guns, "upstanding citizens" should have the right to defend themselves with legally bought guns.
We have the right to decide based on what we would get, not simply campaign promises. Now we know more about the actual deal, we should put it to the people.
Pakistanis seem to be willing to give the government time to deliver on its campaign promises, which will require difficult economic reforms to revitalize the country's struggling economy.'
Pangilinan took exception to the President's claim that he has fulfilled almost all campaign promises except easing the horrendous traffic situation on EDSA.
According to President Akufo-Addo, almost all his campaign promises were tagged as lies and political gimmicks aimed at buying the ordinary voter's conscience to vote in a certain direction, and that they were not achievable.
CPP spokesman Sok Eysan denied that the sub-decree had anything to do with the CNRP's campaign promises.
Stamping out corruption was one of the major campaign promises of Duterte aside from eliminating the drug menace and criminality, and fighting terrorism.
15 (ANI): Simon Rosenberg, founder of NDN, a liberal think tank in Washington on Saturday paralleled President Donald Trump with Lord Shiva, the god of destruction for aggressively exercising his executive power in a bid to force Congress into action on an array of unfulfilled campaign promises.
President Trump's time as president so far has been an increasing mix of controversy and battles over campaign promises. With that in mind, the media has been quick to point out the many early flaws of the Trump administration.

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