campaign promises

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That's because Bush has spent his time undermining international family planning services, eroding hard-won environmental protections, violating the separation of church and state, denigrating public education, and backpeddling on campaign promises.
Koizumi, widely acknowledged as the front-runner, was bold enough to put off announcing his campaign promises until the official start of the race.
On my wall in the Old Executive Office Building I kept a giant poster of Clinton's campaign promises.
The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) is urging Republicans to uphold their campaign promises to permanently repeal the estate tax, or "death tax.
Although Premier McGuinty signed a declaration that he would not increase taxes, he has broken almost all his campaign promises to date, including the non-tax promise.
Using state-of-the-art synthetic turf to convert asphalt ballfields was one of my campaign promises, and we have expanded the initiative to also improve grass fields with poor drainage.
Rouhani then vowed to remain committed to his campaign promises of moderation and constructive engagement with the international community.
THE MAJORITY of people polled by TV station Ant-1 believe that none of the presidential candidates will keep their campaign promises.
As candidates pile on the campaign promises in hopes of coming out on top, it can be easy to forget that their plans often substantially change the bottom line of the federal budget," NTUF Director of Congressional Analysis Jeff Dircksen noted.
Just as the president has ignored his campaign promises and constitutional responsibilities with his executive wars, he has also violated both the U.
At the Capitol, deadlines are as worthless as, well, campaign promises.

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