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Organisers said as many as 20,000 humanists, secularists and human rights campaigners took part in the central London march on Saturday - ten times the number expected.
Given Monsanto's ties to a number of Bush officials, Greenpeace biotechnology campaigners have largely abandoned political lobbying, instead pressuring food manufacturers through consumer action and boycotts.
The injunction, valid from Friday, is to stop campaigners from carrying out their threat to "harass" the two ships -- the Pacific Teal and Pacific Pintail -- as they leave Barrow-in-Furness in northwest England bound for two Japanese nuclear plants.
But campaigners at the site plan to dig into tunnels, climb up tree houses and secure themselves to steel posts in an effort to hamper the move.
If you want government to run as well as you've promised, send a thank-you note to that great campaigner.
MyFax, my1voice and Campaigner are powerful tools that help small businesses heighten their visibility to customers and potential customers without incurring a massive expense.
The Most Rev Tutu, the former Archbishop of Cape Town thanked "splendid" and "amazing" antiapartheid campaigners for their efforts in bringing about change in the "moral climate" over the scourge of apartheid.
Campaigners say: * Council officers compiled a report stating 2,000 people countywide attended consultation meetings - and nearly 700 of them (around 35%) were from Great Ayton; * The same report said more than 10,000 people across the county signed a petition about the proposed library closures - around 1,200 of these (12%) came from Great Ayton, and * After the latest consultation, the council reprieved some libraries threatened with closure - but not Great Ayton.
A member of the security police addressed the protesters at Clock Square through a loud speaker asking them to leave, and then the forces opened fire, said the human rights campaigner, who is in contact with protesters in the square.
THE Electoral Commission will offer all registered campaigners in the March referendum, on law-making powers for the National Assembly, the opportunity to reach voters through its website, it announced yesterday.
CAMPAIGNERS who want to stop the construction of a 350,000-tonne waste incinerator in Cardiff have decided to launch a legal challenge.
TRIBUTES were yesterday paid to distinguished broadcaster, author and campaigner Sir Ludovic Kennedy who has died, aged 89.