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Campaigners along with supportive local councillors reacted with shock.
There was also quite a bit of reaction to the segment itself, about ideas surrounding trespassing campaigners and "flexitarianism."
But some Brexit campaigners fear her approach has led to the watering down of several of their demands, including the ability to reduce immigration and to reclaim sovereignty by leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.
Campaigners say the Government is keen to encourage both forms of energy extraction.
Officials said two women campaigners were on their duty in Gulshan-e-Buner area of Landhi when they were shot at and killed.
Though Greenpeace campaigners have their work cut out for them, and the group itself continues to evolve, Passacantando says the outlook for both Greenpeace and the environmental movement is positive.
The injunction, valid from Friday, is to stop campaigners from carrying out their threat to "harass" the two ships -- the Pacific Teal and Pacific Pintail -- as they leave Barrow-in-Furness in northwest England bound for two Japanese nuclear plants.
But campaigners at the site plan to dig into tunnels, climb up tree houses and secure themselves to steel posts in an effort to hamper the move.
If you want government to run as well as you've promised, send a thank-you note to that great campaigner. Throw a party.
Mr McCord, now in his 60s, said he has "found his passion" in his work as a victims' campaigner and is "incredibly excited" about the event.
THE projected cost of the biggest-ever changes in Rhondda education has gone up by PS5m to PS80m - angering campaigners.
Campaigner Gary Scott said: "We're building a legal case as in our opinion, the NHS hasn't followed its own rules in this process."

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