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Campaigners fighting to reopen a swimming pool have hit further cash delays.
Friends of the Earth international climate change campaigner Catherine Pearce said: "I think that just goes to show just how the Bush administration are so completely swallowed up by the oil industry it is very hard to see the difference.
News of the protest comes after Mr McConnell angered campaigners by refusing to acknowledge that there are any cuts taking place.
Campaigners are calling for a global arms trade treaty to control weapons sales.
Campaigners also want the ban extended to include new and potentially dangerous air pressure devices which speed the flow of drink from bottles.
Meanwhile Merseyside health campaigners speaking after the event hit back, saying advertisers would not spend as much money as they do if they did not think it was influencing food choices.
SAVE A LIFE VIGIL: Campaigners from the Huddersfield area who travelled to London to join a peaceful protest outside the Houses of Parliament against the death sentence in India (S)
The campaigners want the council to go back to the court and ask them for an earlier hearing date.
All registered campaigners in the referendum on the law-making powers of the National Assembly for Wales will have statements or links on www.
David Alwyn ap Huw Humphreys, who calls his blog Miserable Old Fart, said he was seeking registration as the lead No campaigner because he believes the Assembly should have more powers than are currently on offer.
Lead campaigners will be eligible for a referendum television broadcast, a freepost mailing to voters and an infrastructure grant of up to pounds 70,000 from the Electoral Commission.
Campaigners argue this would allow only around 100 veterans out of a total 36,000 to settle, most of them officers.