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And fellow campaigner Elena Delaney, whose daughter Olivia spoke in favour of a bypass on road safety grounds, asked: "If they have made a bid why has no-one let us know?"
However, a probe into a mass of suspected fraudulent signatures submitted by the anti-gay marriage campaigners has been set up by the Central Election Commission, reports said.
Calderstones campaigners stage a protest in the park
Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said on Sunday he was increasingly concerned that a vote for Britain to leave the European Union could be overturned by a powerful group of the bloc's supporters.
A number of women became involved in heated arguments with the campaigners as shouts of 'bullies' went out.
But campaigners say by allowing the referendum on June 23 it would save taxpayers money and result in a higher turnout.
Ms Patel wrote: "The lady who works in the Witham Conservative Association office felt harassed, frightened and intimated when a thuggish gang of People's NHS campaigners came to our office." She said of the campaigners: "The intimidation, harassment and thuggish behaviour towards residents is appalling."
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently in the US, is likely to be the star campaigner for the BJP in Haryana and Maharashtra as they head for polls on October 15.
Members met at the Marine Hotel, Saltburn, where campaigner mumof-three Annette Hudspeth, 54, unveiled a banner supporting Balcombe.
The arrests were reported after the campaigners, both women, made an attempt to halt a truck entering the site in the village of Balcombe where fracking company Cuadrilla is to begin the hydraulic fracturing of rock, known as "fracking".
Campaigner William Bromwich issued an eleventh-hour plea to all Coventry city councillors to reverse last week's cabinet decision to close Foleshill Sports and Leisure Centre - which houses the 1930s Livingstone baths fondly remembered by generations of Coventrians.