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The post Brexit vote may be reversed, says British campaigner Farage appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
But campaigners say by allowing the referendum on June 23 it would save taxpayers money and result in a higher turnout.
Cleveland |anti-fracking campaigner Annette Hud-speth, unveils a banner at the Saltburn meeting
Campaigners warn of contamination of fresh water resources, and increased risk of ground tremors.
Another woman anti-polio campaigner has been killed while two male workers injured in a attack by motorcycle riders in Baldia Town, Karachi.
We must put an end to over-charging for telephone communications between Europeans," said the campaigners on 7 December, at the official launch of the petition for a single communication tariff.
The campaigners said that the closures were particularly unfair to rural communities and elderly people without transport.
Some 23 organisations and individuals registered as campaigners.
CAMPAIGNERS asking for changes to the UK's voting system will take to the streets of Newcastle this weekend.
HERAT CITY (PAN): Bodies of five abducted campaigners for a women candidate have been found in the western province of Herat, an official said on Sunday.
ANTI-WIND farm campaigners from Northumberland, Durham and North Yorkshire gave energy secretary Ed Miliband a ticking off for his comments about protesters when they met him in the region.
Campaigners marched through Coventry yesterday to raise awareness of the effects of climate change on developing countries.