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Indeed, negative campaigning has become a catch-all phrase that implies there is something inherently wrong with criticizing an opponent.
A framework for capital market campaigning that enables companies and investors to analyse, understand and respond to various capital market campaign strategies
It is axiomatic that the press is always trying to cover the previous campaign, but the changes in campaigning have occurred so rapidly that we have fallen further than four years behind.
Beginning in the primaries and continuing through the election, Get out the Direct Mail will ensure that all candidates have equal access to a powerful means of campaigning.
He, too, had nothing to gain from campaigning in Georgia, and he only stopped there briefly for part of a day.
Digital campaigning still may be in its infancy, but even now, you won't get far by uploading an apple pie recipe, some snapshots of the kids and an animated GIF of an American flag.
In constant (inflation adjusted) dollars, the cost of campaigning increased 4.
The tortured illogic of campaigning for reform with special-interest money was quickly seized upon by 208's spinmasters, but their glee was short-lived.
But some critics question whether the district may be crossing a thin line between providing balanced information about the local bond measure - allowable under state law - and campaigning.
In other words, it's campaigning under the guise of research.