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As such, candidates with tarpaulins posted in various areas in Metro Manila before February 12 will not be held liable for early campaigning even before the February 12 start of the campaign period.
The Senate committee on electoral reforms and people's participation, in its committee report filed October 18, recommended the "criminalization" of premature campaigning by political candidates.
The dim academic view of negative campaigning was reflected in an influential 1999 Political Science Review study by Arizona State University political scientists Patrick J.
What is more, most campaigning was not carried out on the basis of party platforms (see below).
When a candidate asks media to cover his or her ordinary activity, Jimenez said it is a form of premature campaigning. "Presence or absence of vote for me' or similar words is irrelevant.
Now that would be grassroots campaigning: "Well, Senator Incumbent, I'd love to donate $5 to your reelection campaign, but explain to me again why you voted to cut welfare last year.")
These are all worthy answers, and they all knowledgeably address aspects of the Realpolitik of presidential campaigning. But they are all after-the-fact scrambling by a press corps addressing its own sense of surprise.
Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) for campaigning on behalf of New Jersey Gov.
Sheinkopf, a master of negative campaigning who is likely to play a major role in shaping Clinton's television commercials, was the man behind a campaign by Los Angeles police officers to oppose reform initiatives in the aftermath of the Rodney King beating.
And if that fails, there's another set of messengers to enlist: the 400 or so Democrats campaigning across the country this fall.
Steve Forbes isn't the first individual to be confronted with the FEC's mathematics, which equate speaking about issues with campaigning. The FEC used this argument against Joel Hyatt, an unsuccessful 1994 candidate for the U.S.
Al Gore understands these issues more than just about any politician alive, and if he chooses to run in 2004, he has much to gain and nothing to lose from campaigning on them.