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A few of the younger men mourned for Mulcahy's beer, because the campaign was to be conducted on strict temperance principles, but as Dan and Horse Egan said sternly, "We've got the beer-man with us.
He begged his way to Paris, and while there made application at the War Office, not for the thousand francs of extra pension which had been promised to him, nor yet for the Cross of the Legion of Honor, but only for the bare pension due to him after twenty-two years of service, and I do not know how many campaigns.
Local Cook County," as the city organization was called, had eighty branch locals, and it alone was spending several thousand dollars in the campaign.
Just now Jurgis would have plenty of chance to vent his excitement, for a presidential campaign was on, and everybody was talking politics.
The closing speech of the campaign was made by Judge Driscoll, and he made it against both of the foreigners.
That his maiden campaign might open with spirit, he promised the Indians and free trappers an extra price for every musk-rat they should take.
We shall not follow the captain throughout his trapping campaign, which lasted until the beginning of June, nor detail all the manoeuvres of the rival trapping parties and their various schemes to outwit and out-trap each other.
In the spring, as Colbert had predicted, the land army entered on its campaign.
Yes," he continued, "I know that our Press is carrying on a magnificent campaign of bluff.
But you will contribute something to the campaign fund to assist in your election, will you not?
When the final news arrived that the campaign was opened, and the troops were to march, Rawdon's gravity became such that Becky rallied him about it in a manner which rather hurt the feelings of the Guardsman.
He will be committed irretrievably to his campaign of anarchy.