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The history of political campaigns shows that when candidates present clear, stark differences between themselves and opponents, citizens are better able to judge whom to support.
If I had not run clean, I would surely have been paid visits by numerous campaign contributors representing pharmaceutical interests and the like, urging me either to shelve that idea or to create it in their image," she said in a 2003 speech.
A difficult fact of the campaign was that Cogswell was challenging the only black member of the council--a cautious and unexceptional fellow, but black; and to white Seattle-ites for whom color is a symbol more than a neighbor, this was big.
A well-executed publicity campaign augmented the public relations impact of the launch.
Spencer says Africans Americans need to take a leading role in campaign finance reform favoring those who contribute less than $100.
Environics' strategy involved making news through high-profile launch events; providing parents with simple, enforceable messaging; working with local grassroots SKC partners; and promoting the national retail program (in-store Johnson & Johnson product displays carrying campaign information).
After discussing this with friends and colleagues involved with Initiatives of Change (IC) in Taiwan, we decided that over the next five years, IC would go all out to promote a clean election campaign.
Thanks to an already high brand recognition among Japanese consumers and the growing popularity of its duck campaign, Aflac insures one in four Japanese households, making it the third most profitable foreign company operating in any industry in Japan, the company said.
The dairy industry had already pledged $1 million to Nixon's campaign, but the President wanted Connally to try to squeeze as much money from them as possible.
With the way campaigns go after money these days, there is no way that Gore or Bradley is going to write off the gay community," adds Mixner.
But Lynn noted that Green's decision is still useful, because it proves beyond a doubt that the Christian Coalition, which was founded by Robertson in 1989, has been working in conjunction with Republican campaigns from the day it was founded.