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It is critical that the counselor takes time to explain to the camper that while they are at the activity together, they will probably all have a great time, but that in all likelihood the one or two kids she goes on the play-date with will go right back to their other cabin friends once they return from their time together.
It requires a constant exchange of information that moves upward from the campers to the board and downward from the board to the campers.
Growing up in an increasingly competitive and stressful world, it is important for our campers to learn healthy and rewarding ways to spend their leisure time.
The following seven enrollment differences addressed: session length; percent of returning campers; the amount of financial support given by the camp; the degree of decrease in overall camper enrollment; and the degree of decrease in lower enrollments for boys, girls, teens, and returning campers.
This can be a prelude to a director sending a camper home for repeated and/or serious bullying acts.
If conflicts have been successfully overcome, campers are willing to share on a deeper level with each other.
Compared to a demographically equivalent sample of first-year campers who did not receive this multimodal intervention, the first-year campers in this sample were less homesick, enjoyed camp more, and evidenced fewer behavior problems.
Whenever a camper discloses something that triggers further conversation with the director, his or her parents, or mandatory reporting laws, it is important that staff make the immediate future seem as structured and predictable as possible.
The camp is not and cannot be an insurer of everything that might go wrong, and no responsible camp will guarantee the physical or emotional safety of a camper in its care.
The top five camper benefits that are most important to parents are ranked as follows:
Sorting the campers should be flexible and using "drag and drop" functionality is likely the most efficient way to assign a camper to a bus.