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HE'S BEHIND YOU Well actually, panto season is still stretching out in front of us, a brightly coloured vista of campery and family friendly fun.
SEASONED TV gent Nicholas Parsons joined Craig Hill at gay club Ego for a night of campery.
Monday is the quaint campery of Lady Sian and her Mayday Gayday which, like every other night, is free.
Here, once again, his playing is excellent with a command of campery that makes Mr Inman irresistib le as he bestows the grossest flattery on the Sheriff and the baddies while thwarting their naughty plans.
However, the overblown campery of Iron Chef UK just makes it a low gas mark-version of Gladiators, with all the appeal of rancid margarine left to sprout furry green spines in a forgotten corner of the fridge.
The result was something a little dissatisfying in its knowing campery that was neither too funny nor, sadly, that scary either.