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Only the occasional moments of unintentional campery provide fun in the pointless action and witless dialogue.
Jones' onstage antics can shock his students but he argues his off-campus campery qualifies him to teach music performance "I'm very well placed to teach the students about all the horrible things that might happen to them because I have fallen on my backside in every part of the world," he says.
The book opens vistas into triumphs, squabbles and the sublime campery that some of Comper's patrons trailed in their wake.
He had that wonderful, innocent campery which nowadays doesn't exist.
Travolta reins in his trademark bad guy theatrics, which is a pity ( The Punisher cries out for some shameless pantomime campery to lighten the mood.
Between a general national sneer andelding campery like Scooch in an attempt to capitalise on the gay vote, Jordan says we haven't done ourselves too many favours at times.