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Like some clichA[c] campier story, the "Paranormal Activity" franchise returns every year to haunt the box office and terrorize any other film unfortunate enough to be released that same weekend.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a campier photo than that of the pop princess bowing before Queen Elizabeth II while cloaked in a red vinyl gown with action-hero eye patches.
Hartman did yeoman's work in clothing a large-scale ensemble cast, and he came up with some winners, especially for the campier numbers and more outrageous characters.
In fact, Newton reports that many of the campier acts of her 'Female Impersonators' involved ineffective or transparent performances of femininity--the performer taking off his wig to reveal the man beneath, or making reference to his Adam's apple or the tell-tale bulge at his groin.
Jackson failed twice to remake ``Kong,'' first in his childhood back yard, then in 1996 when Universal Studios pulled the plug on a campier version he'd prepared, due both to the box-office failure of his ghost comedy ``The Frighteners,'' and a glut of big monster remakes that included disappointing revivals of ``Godzilla'' and ``Mighty Joe Young.
The young actress's performance frequently balances the campier moments of Schlossberg's screenplay.
I mean whats campier than a fucking black bourgeois soi disant intellectual trying to say what's right for all these poor coons in the hills of Mississippi.