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The reader's suggestive characterization of Fang is obviously a gaffe, and yet, in the spirit of Baroness Emmuska Orczy's flamboyant Pimpernel, the book does offer a rather effeminate, campily masculine figure.
One might ask: Is the most radical impulse shared by experimental prose writers this negative fixation on spaces among sentences, among layers of narrative, suggesting a hysterical relationship between self and the world, along the fault lines of the fissured and often campily re-sutured subject-in-becoming?
Are the objects he buys, whose arrangement is campily described as 'la chose la plus amusante, la plus elicieuse qu'il at jamais faite'(p.
In fact, the campily knowing novels and stories of Wallace Thurman, Richard Bruce Nugent, and Van Vechten himself were all too readily interpreted as gay--invariably by hostile peers--notwithstanding these authors' understandable reluctance to come out as homosexual.
When our limo driver mentioned the boutique, Meredith Tanzer, owner of La Bussola, snapped back campily: "Oh honey, lesbians can always find the G Spot."
Indeed, his portrayal of Isabella--simultaneously rejecting and campily flirting with Angelo--never really left the audience wondering how long Isabella would hold out; we were more confused that she did.
Our Geordie Boy ordered we, his faithful Stand-Up Pub Posse, to wave and shout a campily high pitched "WOOO-OOOH!" which received an immediate foul-mouthed response bellowed by a recipient across the road.
The cartoon series, launched in 1985, followed the adventures of She-Ra, He-Man's twin sister, who would transform from her secret alter ego, Princess Adora (who, campily, looked no different), by raising her magical Sword of Protection and shouting, "For the honor of Grayskull--I am She-Ra!" A typical She-Ra: Princess of Power episode saw She-Ra and her friends--including the suspiciously queer archer Bow, ditzy witch Madame Razz, owl-like creature Kowl, and trusty unicorn Swift Wind--attempting to liberate the planet Etheria from the diabolical Hordak and his Evil Horde.
(73) The conservative straight-laced Jerry embodies the Stepford state of mind just as effectively as any other Stepford husband in his mission to convert his campily flamboyant partner Roger into a fully controllable mirror image of himself, evoking suburban political (and to be specific Republican) and personal blandness.