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The number features a transvestite twist when Goddard, Lamour, and Lake soft-shoe behind a painted column and from the other side emerge three men dressed campily as the women, with "Lake" played by Sterling Holloway in a wig.
Trying to shoehorn either Warhol or Koons into this model ignores how they've both exploded the unsustainable category of "the popular" into its fractious components: the statistically popular, regionally popular, campily popular, shamefully popular, abjectly popular, subpopular, and antipopular.
Ironically, the volume rests on de Jesus's most traditional stories: "The Portrait" and the campily titled "How to Act in 1830," his homage to Stendhal.
That certainly goes to Pavarotti's appeal, as seen in the famed ``Vesti la giubba'' from Leoncavallo's ``I Pagliacci,'' which is often campily or hysterically performed.
Bisset, to campily comic effect, husks her voice while delivering lines as though she's simultaneously trying to pass a whole eggplant through her system.