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eating dinner together, playing games together, as well as going on trips or going camping together), as well as how to do these activities at home, the change that families experience at camp may be more lasting and powerful once they return home.
Michelle Miller, 49, a longtime urban camper from Malibu's Paradise Cove, said camping locally offers a wealth of benefits.
Choosing a camp accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA) offers some clear advantages.
Camping services are just some of the more than 70 programs offered by Courage Center.
Camping helps children build self-esteem, develop an increased sense of responsibility, improve decision-making skills and enhance their interpersonal relationships with adults and other kids," he said.
It is hard to think of a better place for an International Camping Congress (ICC) than Mexico--a country with a rich culture, wonderful people, and a fascinating environment.
In order to be more effective, camping administrators need to know what factors are motivating parents to send their children to summer camp, what benefits are most important to them, and what do they see as the future priorities of summer camping.
Selection of a butterfly as the logo for the 1987 International Camping Congress, hosted by the American Camp Association, was farsighted and fortuitous in many ways.
Two approaches were used to assess the degree to which participation in the ACA Day Camp Training Workshops impacted participants' knowledge and skills related to day camping.
The concept of children and camping dates back at least to Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts in 1908 in England, and many more camps began operation in the United Kingdom at the end of World War II.
In January/February 2003, Camping Magazine featured stories about the different ways in which the organized camp community responded to help children who had lost a parent on September 11, 2001.