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Throw in Rozanna prancing round in little more than her jocks, Mondo, sorry, George, as the straight man and Noel Cunningham squealing camply every five seconds, and you've got a recipe for TV gold.
Dermot's dance consists of a move from side to side and throwing his head back, rather camply.
Good points: I liked McGregor's convincing performance of a gay man - he even runs camply.
Then there are the Morecambe mannerisms - the comedy clenching of pipe between teeth, the pushing up of the glasses, the twinkle-eyed double take - which stay comfortably and carefully on the right side of arch and camply overblown.
During these months she played Jacintha, Viola in Twelfth Night, Nancy in The Camp, Rosalind in As You Like It, Oriana in the Inconsistant, Widow Brady in The Irish Widow, and Eliza Camply in The Miniature Picture--all breeches roles, and four (Oriana, Widow Brady, Eliza, and Nancy) new to Robinson.