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Later on that day, Kiche and White Fang strayed into the edge of the woods next to the camp.
Stronger than the physical restraint of the stick was the clutch of the camp upon her.
The two scouts which Captain Bonneville had sent out to seek for the band of free trappers, expected by Fontenelle, and to invite them to his camp, had been successful in their search, and on the
Camp sent a message up stairs to his wife; and Mrs.
A ride of sixteen miles brought them, in the afternoon, in sight of the Crow camp.
Then they pulled on up the river till one in the morning, when they made their regular camp.
He couldn't very well come so he sent me to meet you and bring you to camp.
We will make all possible haste to reach the camp before those who accompanied Achmet Zek upon his last raid have found his body and carried the news of his death to the cut-throats who remained behind.
And as matters tended from bad to worse in the camp of the castaways upon the east coast of Jungle Island, another camp came into being upon the north coast.
Where is this camp to which you swore that you would lead us?
They can still be called back," said one of his suite, who like Count Orlov felt distrustful of the adventure when he looked at the enemy's camp.
The journey was up the bed of the small stream which emptied into the harbor, so that although fifteen men had passed back and forth through the jungle from the beach to the camp every day for two weeks, there was no sign that human foot had ever crossed the narrow strip of sand that lay between the dense foliage and the harbor.