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In 1946, Campy played for the Class B Nashua NH Dodgers managed by Walter Alston, and in 1947, while Robinson integrated the National League with his sensational Rookie of the Year season, Campy replaced him in Montreal.
Campy had been remanded in custody for 117 days since February 9 - the equivalent of an eight-month sentence.
Even more campy Halloween fun opens on stage at South Eugene High School next week with "Dracula," a dramatized interpretation by Hamilton Deane and John Balderston.
And don't be too quick to dismiss the value of campy labour, for Tinkcom argues that camp, like Marxism, is nothing less than a critical knowledge of capitalist modernity.
Michael Campy, whose home faces the road, said: "It's a narrow road but we are getting increasingly bigger vehicles coming up through the village.
The Guerrilla Girls' campy philosophy-lite, combined with Douglas and Michaels's mocking scowl, are destined to make readers laugh even as they get mad.
But more often, a campy celebration of schlock is just plain camp--or worse, just plain terrible.
Las Vegas has long been known as the place where once-cool performers go to die slow, campy deaths (think Sinatra) and where never-hip singers build inexplicably large, devoted followings (think Wayne Newton).
The Andy Griffith Show Bible Study Series: a creation of campy Christian pop culture?
But what we bet you didn't know is when Drew Barrymore was still in diapers, Charlie's Angels was a TV show that was as campy as it was glamourous.
The Campy virus is already outstripping the number of salmonella poisoning cases.

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