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The data are currently being analyzed to measure how effective the Campy Training Kit is at improving how raw chicken is handled to avoid cross contamination.
In 1946, Campy played for the Class B Nashua NH Dodgers managed by Walter Alston, and in 1947, while Robinson integrated the National League with his sensational Rookie of the Year season, Campy replaced him in Montreal.
In "Campy," we learn all about the baseball player Roy Campanella.
Now, the musical version of the half-bat, half-human creature from Hope Falls, W.Va., is headed for the stage in Eugene in a production of a campy farce that first opened off-Broadway on Halloween 1997.
In such works as Full Length (all works 2005), a woman's anatomy is a campy, hyperbolically rotund form, mutating the convention of the full-length portrait into a topsy-turvy caricature.
In the second act, the American dream morphs into a very campy dread.
Campy hit three-twelve last year, forty-one homers, and one hundred and forty-two RBIs."
This fun, campy guide to the perfect pedicure includes more than 150 designs in polishes in every imaginable shade.
MARX HAS BEEN called many names, but "campy" is not usually one of them.
Protest Resident Michael Campy (right) with protesters and a petition in Flockton as yet another heavy lorry thunders by
Teens will enjoy it for its conversational, almost campy, wit.
The texts themselves, works such as the Harmonie mystique of David Laigneau, or L'Ouverture de l'escolle dephilosophie of David de Planis Campy, trace out this double trajectory, in the process transforming the reader "de profane en adepte" (234).