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He told me that I was going down to Louisville, to hire out as cook to the same tavern where my husband works,--that's what Mas'r told me, his own self; and I can't believe he'd lie to me," said the woman.
Why, half the time you can't read anything a prisoner writes on a tin plate, or anywhere else.
But I can't see anything but difficulties that 'ud come from telling it now.
She can't ha' done it," he said, still without moving his eyes, as if he were only talking to himself: "it was fear made her hide it.
You can't be good all the time at the Round Pond, however much you try.
You know, it's all in the matter of talkin', an' Killeny can't talk.
I am afraid I can't give you an encouraging report of your aunt.
You see it was magic that did it every time 'cept the first, and we can't 'spect a cyclone to happen along and take us to the Emerald City now.
I can't find it, and this one is pretty well chewed up," said Tom, bereaving Snip of the torn kid, to which he still pertinaciously clung.
sighed Rose, "I don't see what I can do about it, but I wish the boys would make up, for Prince can't come to any harm with Archie, he's so good and sensible.
What am I to live for if I can't read or sew or do anything like that?
To"--the Story Girl threw a defiant glance at me as if to say, "You can't spoil the surprise of THIS, anyway,"--"to--the Awkward Man.

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