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7THE 7 THE super-intelligent Belgian crime expert is usually accompanied on cases by his long-suffering friend Captain Hastings and ably aided by his formidable personal secretary Miss Lemon | Peter Ustinov played Poirot on several occasions | Peter Ustinov played Poirot on several occasions 1Poirot 1 POIROT can't abide being or feeling untidy.
The pressure for wage equality is being felt on many levels - women who have to work can't abide the idea of earning less than a man in the same job -besides the injustice of it, being paid less is demeaning - it diminishes her importance and talent by suggesting that she has the job because she can be had for less than a man with the same skills or education.
Both of us like traditional wallpapers and can't abide stylised florals which seem to make up the bulk of them at the moment.
This is the perfect gun for women who want a firearm that expresses their femininity, but can't abide the idea of a colored gun.
Are we really so hyperpolitically correct that we can't abide a Christian minister who expresses his views on matters of faith?
If a person has dry eyes or irritation from contact lenses, or can't abide excessive noise, or is prone to swimmer's ear, he or she is not going to delay getting a remedy," says one chain drug category manager.
She can't abide a lizard Or a python or a goat, And to keep an alligator, We'd need to build a moat.
Carroty Kate is aligned with a truly evil man who can't abide small children and threatens, meaningfully, to tie Ivy in a sack and drown her in the Thames if she doesn't stop crying.
I can't abide spicy food and avoid anything that is potentially too hot to handle.
John McCain; the Republican Party; talk radio; shout-fest cable TV; political cynics; anyone who can't abide the thought of a woman or an African-American as the next president of the United States; and anyone who needed "I told you so" evidence that mainstream TV political journalism has utterly lost its way and become largely irrelevant.
He said: "At the end of the day, it is about how we respond to those who feel they can't abide by the regulations.