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Washington [U.S.A.], Apr 20 ( ANI ): Ever since the photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting Queen Elizabeth in London surfaced on the Internet, people can't seem to get enough of it.
.MISSDLLOYD BACK on it #focused .ALEXGERRARD7 CAN'T seem to wake up 2muchbrokensleep .PAULSMITHJNR It's a bit easier getting out the bed at 5:30am in August than it is in January .IAMAMYJACKSON, above THE Ugly Truth #I .NATASHAOFFICIAL Having a quiet cuppa in bed whilst Ella sleeps.
THE male party leaders may have decided an election campaign is a time to wear a suit and tie almost constantly, but Newsnight's Evan Davis can't seem to decide.
From the impact of one industry where prices can't seem to stay up, to another where Canadians are facing the prospect of constantly rising costs, it was a busy week in business news.
However, in practice, the opposition's messages and scandals can't seem to get to citizens and the government is relatively "handling" these attacks well.
So Charlie Hunnam is the new Christian Gray in 'Fifty Shades of Gray,' but a lot of people can't seem to accept it!
The Tehran Stock Exchange index can't seem to stop rising.
Irrational National The 1970s - a single rule of thumb The only one to back - was Red Rum In 1980 - a very poor service Wrong information - missed Ben Nevis In 1983 - when I had some hair I was young then - I backed Corbiere In 1984 - myself and my friend Sandy Both had a punt - on Hallo Dandy In 1990 - I took a slight risk I put a small stake - on Mr Frisk In 1996 - the one I thought best Was an equine - called Rough Quest In the year 2000 - a butterfly was on So I went out - to back Papillon 2001 - I coudn't work out the order That was done for me - by Red Marauder Perhaps it's because - my eyesight is unclear I can't seem to see - the winner this year.
We all live in villages of our own, but ours just can't seem to win, and their villages are full of men with 13 wives and sharp knives.
But I just can't seem to get my head around how much money I pay to people to look after my children.
Kipp and YouGov bring you exclusive insights into the reasons behind why we can't seem to save up or even want to.
They just can't seem to tell people apart but will remember different things about them such as the fact they have a moustache or a squeaky voice.

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