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It's a shame that it's 2016 and we can't seem to find a middle ground between worship and condemnation.
Despite the fact he left me to go through this alone I still can't seem to be able to move on and end things with him.
Poor Wal-Mart, it just can't seem to catch a break anymore.
We touch, as well, on the secrets to success of business figures such as Donald Trump, how Carlos Ghosn saved Nissan from bankruptcy and why women still can't seem to get into the corner office in the U.
I was happy to see you guys showing love to the West in issue 300 with the article all about Crooked I, but I just can't seem to understand why the real general of West Coast hip-hop is rarely ever mentioned in your mag: Mac Dre (RIP).
I had a doughnut meltdown during rehearsal," confesses Tanner, who also appears in the play as Darren, the show's monstrous director who can't seem to stop playing mind games with his playwright ex, Arthur.
95) provides a funny survey of a dog who can't seem to follow the requirements of his owner, Vic Lee provides a contemporary gathering of modern comments on life in PARDN MY PLANET (0740751298, $10.
The chief roadblock for most companies is that they can't seem to align internal corporate culture change with external culture changes taking place throughout America.
However, the district can't seem to control enrollment, which has dropped by 40,000 in the past decade, rivaling the famous flight to the suburbs in the 1960s and '70s.
Although O'Reilly's staff has been informed in writing that the SpongeBob controversy is based solely on media spin, the 'No Spin Zone' can't seem to get its facts straight.
For many months now, druggists have been deluged with complaints from customers who can't seem to find Prilosec on the store shelves.
SIMON HAWORTH fails to recover from his broken leg and Eugene Dadi and Gary Jones can't seem to hit a barn door at the moment.

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