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Oath can't win because only very good Derby winners seem to win this race these days and the performances of those he beat at Epsom have not so far done much to encourage the notion that this year's was a very good Derby.
He said he was fed up with Wenger poking his nose into Chelsea's affairs and told him to start worrying about why Arsenal can't win a game without Thierry Henry.
Bonaventure, said the win over Hart a combination of offense and defense, ``but if they can't score, they can't win.
As he points out himself: "No wonder we can't win a game.
Because you don't have certain people doesn't mean you can't win,'' Yankees manager Joe Torre said.
If an agreement can be reached it will prevent Golden Eagle from having to appeal the court's decision -- a challenge most industry legal experts say it can't win, according to J Dale Debber, publisher of the Workers' Comp Executive.
Perez was much more candid in his answer to the same question on Sunday, saying the Dodgers can't win until they pull together as a team and stop pointing fingers at each other.
Yes, scoring looks good in the stats, and that's what gets most of the attention, but if you don't let them score, they can't win.
I am a Republican, and I voted for Bush, but we can't win it.
If their first choice can't win, their vote goes to their second choice.
BOBBY Gillespie claims he can't win - now he's become a family man he's being criticised for not being rock 'n' roll enough.