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Radiographic evaluation of the quality of root canal obturation of single-matched cone Gutta-percha root canal filling versus hot lateral technique.
In about two thirds of the cases, endodonic treatment was not performed and a lack of canal obturation was determined (66.7%); about one quarter of the patients (23.3%) had insufficiently obturated canals; only two patients had correctly obturated canals, while in one patient (3.3%) obturation was assessed as extreme.
Gutta-percha (GP) is the standard root canal obturation material that has many advantages such as biocompatibility, nonstaining, and radiopaque.
Though the intended treatment for this patient is to create an apical barrier for root canal obturation, an unexpected finding was observed during the follow-up stages after the root canal obturation.
Clinically after the calcium silicate based sealer is applied in the root canal system during canal obturation, its surface properties can be affected by the periapical tissue environment.
A clinical trial of cold lateral compaction with Obtura II technique in root canal obturation. J Conserv Dent 2012; 15(2): 156-160.
0rstavik, "Materials used for root canal obturation: technical, biological and clinical testing," Endodontic Topics, vol.
Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has a profound advantage when used as canal obturation material because of its superior physiochemical and bioactive properties.
suggested that root canal therapy, specifically the one session treatments require an optimal level of skill in cleaning, preparation and canal obturation, need to be performed by experienced dentists [11].
Shadifar, "Effect of smear layer on sealing ability of canal obturation: a systematic review and meta-analysis," Journal of Endodontics, vol.
It is generally accepted that the outcome of the root canal treatment is positively correlated with the technical quality of the root canal obturation [1].