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Seventh is never a number you want to be excited about, but I am grateful to be healthy because I have left this place a few times in an ambulance," stated Canard.
The Canard Enchaine stated: "Questions were asked about more than 200 people, including requests for criminal records, vehicle registration checks, and affiliations with political organisations.
It was, therefore, disappointing to see him repeat that old canard that Hillary Clinton had looted the White House.
For this reviewer, Smith's least satisfying chapter is the one in which he argues that the obsession of many French intellectuals with the effects of globalization is nothing more than an ideologically-driven canard.
The myth of the liberal media is an umbrella canard that shelters the corollary myth of anti-war media.
Cimyla has been successful at Lingfield and Wolverhampton already this season before finishing a staying-on fourth behind Howard Le Canard at Cagnes-Sur-Mer on February 12 in the opening leg of the European All-Weather Series.
The claim that Roosevelt betrayed Eastern Europe at Yalta, and that he set the stage for 40 years of Soviet domination, is an old right-wing canard .
She has used this rhetorical canard before, as have many others.
Paper topics include studies of a singularly perturbed Riccati equation, asymptotic differential algebra, non- oscillating integral curves and o-minimal structures, topological construction of transseries and an introduction of generalized Borel summability, higher-order norms for the Moivre-Laplace theorem, matching the similarities of canard values, and generalizing surreal numbers.
He shows how to make airplanes that are simple (the Basic Dart), advanced (the Super Canard, with two sets of wings), and helicopter-like (the Maple Seed).
In the article, Curthoys ascribes to me the 'Zionist canard that Israel is a superior civilisation in the Middle East, one that places "a premium on academic, scientific, and cultural inquiry"'.
chief sponsor of the bill, met these objections by tightening up the definition and producing findings discounting the "health-of-the-mother" canard.