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Caption: Figure 4: Phase portrait, canard solution, and slow manifold of the Hodgkin-Huxley system (60a), (60b), (60c), and (60d) in the (V, n) phase plane.
De tematica ampla, indo de catastrofes naturais a prodigios, de processos de bruxaria a assassinatos, o canard e evidentemente um veiculo novo, que veio estabelecer um universo diferente, ainda que solidario, daquele dos boletins de informacao anteriores.
Force and Moment Model for Canard. The canard aerodynamic force and moment are modeled based on [8].
According to Le Canard Enchaine, Ashkenazi said Israel would not attack Ira= n by air but rather use ground forces in coordinated operations on several = Middle East fronts.
Trained in France by Franiois Rohaut, Howard le Canard faces one other French rival, Tigron, plus one from Sweden and eight from Germany in the Stall Am-puria Sandbahn Grand Prix, a nine-and-a-half-furlong Listed event worth pounds 12,069 to the winner.
She has four separate underwater hulls that provide buoyancy, propulsion and an enhanced hydrodynamic efficiency, and she is controlled by a PC-based canard and stabiliser steering and motion control system.
In an understandable paradox, he promoted the cause of his beloved monsters by arguing that they weren't really all that dangerous, deriding descriptions of their apocalyptic consequences as "dangerous myth" and citing the "fact" that streetcars were running in Hiroshima within three days of the first bomb--an utter canard (it actually took three months for mass transit to begin moving amid the nuclear ruins).
The Dragonfly has a canard, instead of a conventional tail.
"This has turned into a canard. Anything we do we have to base on good data."
By using the singular perturbation theory [10] Li and Zhu [11] studied the canard limit cycles for predator-prey system with functional response of four Holling types and developed criteria for the existence and multiplicity of canard slow-fast cycle (i.e., limit periodic set) in general predator-prey systems.
Warren Chapman, who works as a nurse at City Hospital, is hosting the event at The Bear, in Bearwood, and will feature live music from Warren's band Rudie and the Revolvers, Pete Williams, Canard du Jour as well as a raffle and a variety of Filipino food.
His testing showed that retaining the factory wing of the Cessna 182 and using only the canard portion of the Wren conversion would mean the stall speed would increase, but only to 35 knots.