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They previously were canceled in 1997 and 2003 because of an inability to get a team of top jet pilots to perform.
The Power Authority in 1992 canceled a $13 billion (U.
British Airways said on Friday most of its short-haul services to and from Heathrow Airport were expected to operate, a day after it canceled all short-haul flights to and from the airport due to heightened security after a bomb threat.
The modernization of the Boron High School campus was canceled by the state because state officials said the district was tardy in sending project plans back to the state.
The National Planning Commission canceled approval procedure on five
MOJAVE - Mojave High School's football game tonight against Frazier Mountain High School was canceled because of gang-related threats of violence, officials said Thursday.
All traffic to the US is canceled until further notice.
After having dinner with Saia on Wednesday night, Majerus canceled a meeting with assistant coach Bob Cantu scheduled for 8:30 a.
While it has yet to be determined as to what extent Commodore will be able to meet its obligations, based on our experience and knowledge, we encourage any passenger who paid for their water transportation by means of a credit card to immediately request the card issuer to cancel any charges relating to any of the canceled cruises.
In New Orleans, several carriers continued operating Sunday, while others canceled all flights, leaving travelers stranded.
CLAREMONT - The Claremont Colleges canceled classes Wednesday in response to a hate crime targeting a psychology professor lecturing about racism.