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* Cllr Hazel Pearson OBE for the Kader ward - cancelling Sunday, August 29 at 47 Ruskin Avenue, Acklam.
IndiGo, which has the largest share in the domestic aviation market, would be cancelling as many as 488 flights during the period March 15-31.
A spokesperson for St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals said: "As a trust, we do all that we can to avoid cancelling operations at short notice.
Even as the Civil Aviation Minister Ajith Singh assured to restore the cancelled Air India and Air India Express flights from Kerala, Air India announced that it is cancelling 18 flights to Middle East from Trivandrum International Airport.
The body contacted major banks and building societies' customer services advisers more than 300 times to test staff awareness of how consumers should go about cancelling a CPA.