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The camp head said a breast cancer screening camp would be held in Haripur next week.
Overall, 37.6 and 31.3 percent of individuals reported receiving an intraoral and extraoral cancer screening exam, respectively.
'Therefore, the Health Ministry has allocated RM2 million to implement the first phase of servical cancer screening utilising HPV screening methods,' he said during Question Time.
Early detection can save lives, which is why its critical that women of all ages have access to affordable, timely breast cancer screenings, said Senator Shaheen.
The company said that its mission is to help men and women detect cancer early, by creating fast, accurate, affordable and non-invasive cancer screening solutions.
'I ask the county government to roll out the cancer screening exercise to enable early detection, diagnosis and treatment before the disease reaches costly stages,' Bundi said.
Qaseem, Barry, Denberg, Owens, and Shekelle (2013) acknowledged the PSA test was more sensitive than the digital rectal exam (DRE) for prostate cancer screening. Although the PSA currently is used in primary care settings as a preferred tool to screen for prostate cancer, it has low specificity and sensitivity, and it does not determine the threshold to warrant a biopsy (Zheng et al., 2015).
To learn more about current recommendations for cancer screening in the United States, see
The American Cancer Society released an updated guideline for colorectal cancer screening. Among the major guideline changes, the new recommendations say screening should begin at age 45 for people at average risk.

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