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Previous research has shown that the thin walls of the colon, rectum and intestine allow the cancerous cells to easily work themselves into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.
If a solid lump is confirmed on imaging then in most of the cases biopsy would be needed to confirm whether the lump is cancerous or not.
With this technology, identifying the hidden cancerous cells will be easier.
At this temperature, cancerous cells are eliminated while healthy ones are not harmed.
This could be what Morrissey mentions as cancerous tissues.
Canpolat said the system targeted to see the cancerous cells in time, "the surgeon will either continue to take out the cancerous tissues or will stop after reaching to non-tumourous tissues.
Doctors say more attention is being given to elastography, a form of ultrasound that can immediately determine whether growths in the breasts are cancerous tumors or harmless lumps with nearly 100 percent accuracy.
Huang's study provides new details about zinc's possible role in preventing cancerous prostate cells from proliferating and spreading.
More recently, the AMC trial 010 was unable to show that HIV-positive people benefited from the addition of Rituximab (a monoclonal antibody that attacks cancerous lymphoma cells) to a standard chemotherapy regimen.
McDaniel notes that a key feature of rapamycin's overall mechanism of action--its ability to block cellular growth and proliferation--extends to normal, healthy cells as well as cancerous ones.
Then healthy cells reproduce furiously and turn cancerous.