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Then healthy cells reproduce furiously and turn cancerous.
Ultimately, Gourley says, physicians equipped with surgical tools incorporating the microlaser may immediately identify cancerous cells and treat the disease in the same procedure.
The Russian researcher has discovered a compound that is quickly absorbed by cancerous and pre-cancerous cells.
Surgeons who remove cancerous prostates often take tissue from nearby lymph nodes at the same time, since these nodes are likely to be the first place to which a cancer metastasizes.
Typically after surgery, a woman's lymph nodes are biopsied and then screened for the presence or absence of cells that look cancerous, based on shape and the way they respond to certain dyes, he said.
Based on successful clinical studies conducted for Misonix in other parts of the world, the Sonatherm has been demonstrated as a technologically advanced medical device for minimally invasive procedures that ablate cancerous tissue without the need to puncture the kidney organ.
Just as shoelaces that lose their plastic tips unravel, so may chromosomes with broken tips, or telomeres, be more prone to mutations that cause cells to become cancerous, says Alan K.
But that potential benefit, the panel said, is counterbalanced by risks, including a 30 percent chance over a decade of being falsely told that there might be a tumor present, and a risk of detecting a tiny lump that might or might not be cancerous but that would require treatment as if it was a real cancer.
used it to fake out the cellular metabolism" that would otherwise lead to cancerous growth, says Daniel D.
Dodgers center fielder Brett Butler underwent four hours of surgery Tuesday in Atlanta for the removal of lymph nodes presumed to be cancerous and muscle tissue, a procedure about which his wife, Eveline, said, ``The best-case scenario happened.
He also discusses his work with the P2X7 biomarker, a highly sensitive and accurate indicator of cancerous and pre-cancerous epithelial cells, as well as CytoCore's e2Collector, an innovative and non-invasive method of collecting cervical cell samples.
The treatment enlists a person's own immune cells to attack prostate tissue, including cancerous tissue.