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Calling innate evidence of worth by the name of fancy, is not candid.
With a sudden revulsion of feeling and tactics, he determined to throw himself, at once, into the penitent and candid.
So open-looking and candid, too; but candid people have their secrets, and secrets leave no lines in young faces.
To be perfectly candid, said the cautious Baron, "I would like a little more evidence.
She had an Italian cast of countenance and bearing, large black eyes beneath their well arched brows, a native nobleness, and candid grace.
To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.
Being more finely formed, better educated, and, though the youngest except Retty, more woman than either, she perceived that only the slightest ordinary care was necessary for holding her own in Angel Clare's heart against these her candid friends.
continued the young enquirer, a candid Thorley, who was evidently preparing to enter the lists as the lady's champion.
He had his mother's candid brow and fine, reflective eyes.
Elizabetha Prokofievna sometimes informed the girls that they were a little too candid in this matter, but in spite of their outward deference to their mother these three young women, in solemn conclave, had long agreed to modify the unquestioning obedience which they had been in the habit of according to her; and Mrs.
She was all on a noble scale, her attributes were so generous, her manner unconquerably gracious, her movements indolently active, her face so candid that you must swear her every thought lived always in the open.
I hope most earnestly," he said, "that we shall induce our young friend to be a little more candid with us than he has been.