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Candid Sky Productions are certified part 107 pilots to fly commercially and are insured.
Candid will become part of our investigative services subsidiary, Contego Services Group.
I have been candid about a period of my life in which I spent an enormous amount of time and money on cocaine powder.
The US diplomatic team has "never had such intense, detailed, straightforward, candid conversations with the Iranian delegation before" a US administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Wednesday at the end of the two-day talks over Iran's nuclear issue in Geneva.
They have never had candid cameras filmed by a global expert, and should be particularly pleased to see them shot in Morocco by Novovision," said Zouheir Zriouri, Head of Broadcasting and Director of Programming at 2M.
The film, which is due to start filming in May, will be Welsh-speaking and filmed in a candid camera style and film makers hope it will be suitably chaotic as zombies take over the Valleys.
2 : relating to photography of people acting naturally without being posed <a candid picture>
Two years of Candid Microphone on Radio Luxembourg led to TV.
The candid 'no holds barred' approach includes discussions of body slang, odor, maintenance, exercise and more and the lively tone combined with candid color photos and discussions makes this a pick for any mature teen's collection, and for any public library where candid coming-of-age physiology insights are desired.
It requires being candid about what has gone wrong and where we need to do better.
For a star who is known for revealing too much (skin, that is), she is rarely so candid in magazine interviews.
That life is showcased in his candid memoir, Just A Chap Passing Through?