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Stylet penetration activities linked to the acquisition and inoculation of Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum by its vector tomato potato psyllid.
370/381) with helvetica Candidatus GU827073 Rickettsia rara DQ365805 407 Haemaphysalis KR733074, 100.
Meanwhile, other ARS scientists are working with collaborators in the United States and abroad to sleuth the genetic makeup, or genome, of Candidatus L.
ticks positive, by bacterial species Anaplasma Candidatus phagocytophilum Neoehrlichia mikurensis Cugir (Alba) 2 (10.
Total immunoglobulin titers of 1:400 against Candidatus C.
The Chlamydiales have evolved from a single genus to a diverse order including new families such as Candidatus Parichlamydiaceae and Rhabdochlamiaceae (9).
Detection by PCR of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus, the bacterium causing citrus huanglongbing in vector psyllids: application to the study of vector-pathogen relationships.
Candidatus Liberibacter americanus, associated with citrus huanglongbing (greening disease) in Paulo State, Brazil.
Nested-PCR Detection and Sequence Confirmation of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus from Murraya paniculata in Guangdong, China.
DNA was robot-extracted (MagNA Pure Compact Extraction Robot; Roche, Basel, Switzerland) from 400 [micro]L of EDTA-plasma (Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit I; Roche) and analyzed by using a real-time PCR specific for a 169-bp segment of the groEL gene of Candidatus N.