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Dawkins candidly asked about their greatest successes and failures in the district, and what they would change if they could.
At least one prominent neoconservative war hawk candidly calls for a full-fledged return to conscription.
Hoffman talks candidly to Jonathan Ross about his rapid rise to fame.
As the economy improved last year, and company executives emerged from survival mode, industry leaders spoke more candidly about solving the industry's intractable problems.
He says most candidly "As I had already, for my own curiosity and amusement, taken a copy of the academic records of every student in the upper school, I could easily identify those who would be prepared to pay most dearly for them.
Cherry candidly admitted: "Like so many people, I find automotive design exciting, fascinating, and all-consuming.
Congress put into law the requirement that an independent Operational Test and Evaluation Office be established within the Office of the Secretary of Defense for the purpose of assuring that realistic operational Test and Evaluation is conducted, and such testing is promptly and candidly reported to Congress prior to a system entering Full Rate Production.
After nearly two decades dropping sizzling no-holds-barred celebrity scandal on East Coast airwaves, and with the recent premiere of a new cable television show, Wendy Williams has a new tell-all autobiography that candidly details the story of her life, beginning with growing up in a conservative middle-class family.
in the trenches of tax planning, policy, and administration, gives her a perspective that you can't find in any book or article and, quite candidly, you can't glean from a private practitioner's desk or an IRS office.
It candidly covers a whole range of subjects while shattering sexual stereotypes.
Yet the bottom line, stresses Eagle, is that the suspected presence of mold must be addressed proactively and candidly to prevent a manageable claim from mushrooming into a financial and public relations nightmare.
Each of the five ads shows a company employee candidly expressing him or herself with paper.