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It is a must that town officials and the superintendent treat each other with respect and with candidness.
Saperstein writes with extraordinary ability, candidness, a more than a bit of humor, providing the reader with truly impressive insights on what life with Asperger's is like for the afflicted and those around them.
With their trademark candidness and straight-shooting questions, Corcoran and Harrington put each contestant through the paces and, while a close competition, finally settled on SightPlan to take home the $5,000 prize.
Honesty and candidness is very admirable and a likeable quality, but I think some young people are left a little vulnerable on the internet.
Though autofiction's mixture of candidness and inventiveness can create scandal and invite censure (its notorious works might be called sexual confessionals), the genre is thought-provoking and infinitely flexible.
The narrator often uses phrases, rather than sentences, which contributes to the spontaneity and candidness of her reflections: "There.
And thank you again for sharing your many stories with me with such passion, color, and candidness.
Odutola's emphasis on the candidness that one often finds in cyber-communities is germane.
The synthesis between his pragmatism and candidness about his position and its limitations is perhaps best exemplified by his "Consumer Guide" column, where he awarded each album a letter grade followed by a brief review.
And while Rohani is still making his way through the domestic minefield and focusing on the economic and social issues - because he knows that foreign policy is monopolized by Guide Khamenei and his entourage - the latter are apparently exploiting Obama's candidness when he said he adopted the decision to sanction Al-Assad based on two criteria, i.
This starts with applying the fourth C, candidness, to tell partners, "Here is where your performance is today, and hem's where you need to go, and here's what you can become.
The idea of 'Technique My Way' really tickled me," says San Francisco Ballet soloist Courtney Elizabeth with disarming candidness.