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The idea of 'Technique My Way' really tickled me," says San Francisco Ballet soloist Courtney Elizabeth with disarming candidness.
There is a sort of candidness in the artist's works.
The "opposition" may have used the mob techniques, unfortunately, they lacked their candidness.
The candidness and honesty of Martin Stephenson's lyrics were best portrayed on songs Caroline and Crocodile Cryer.
Brown's candidness about her own personal growth helps us understand how we can become more effective as individuals and as counselors clinically trained in mental health.
So the more information you can share and the quicker you share it, the public in general and customers in particular appreciate that candidness," Douglass said.
cast certain doubts on the veracity of their claims and even on the candidness in their disclosing real intent,'' De Lima said.
Wilson embodies certain idiosyncrasies of Allen's: the impish candidness, the insatiable self-deprecation, the general jitteriness.
One of the hallmarks of Head's stewardship of Goldikova's career has been his candidness about her targets, and once a plan has been laid out, he largely sticks to it.
A Few of Her Secrets" is a collection of poetry from George Bradley who comes at readers with a wide array of thoughts and candidness.
Kipp loves your candidness and we want to see more and more of the same.
lu firmly that is currently on its fourth phase which needs more candidness in a world in which power realities are more and more moving eastward.