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Severe neurotoxic envenoming by the Malayan krait Bungarus candidus (Linnaeus): response to anti-venom and anti-cholinesterase.
This bird was described as Totanus candidus by Brisson, 1760, but Edwards himself considered the bird to be a Redshank Tringa totanus (Linnaeus, 1758).
Aspergillus terreus, Aspergillus candidus, Aspergillus fumigatus were also observed in few samples.
4 as q'ndd' "Candidus" is possible--on the photograph the aleph following the quph is quite clear and the rest seems just visible (the drawing HNPI just has the head of the quph).
candidus "Mushin" ND ND ND "Topo" ND ND ND "Awoyaya" 25 (a) 25 (a) ND Cashew "Lakowe" 33.3b ND ND nut "Obalende" ND ND ND "Badagry" ND ND ND "Ikota" ND ND ND "Ajah" ND ND ND ** Overall 12.5 12.5 ND occurrence (%) "Ajebo" ND ND ND "Fidiwo" ND ND ND Groundnut "Obafe" ND 80.95 ND "Ogunmakin" ND ND ND Overall "Mowe" ND 87.50 12.5 occurrence (%) ND 40 20 Fungal Isolate (%) A.
non tibi nascenti primis, mea uita, diebus candidus argutum sternuit omen Amor?
Isolation and partial characterization of extracellular keratinase from a wool degrading thermophilic actinomycete strain Thermoactinomyces candidus. Can J Microbiol., 1999; 45: 217-222.
[[dagger]] Hebeloma sinaptans (Paulet) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Henningsomyces Candidus (Pers.) Kuntze [[double dagger], NR] Hohenbuehelia angus tat a (Berk.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Hohenbuehelia approximates (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Hohenbuehelia horakii Courtec.
El enfrentamiento dialectico mantenido por los dos personajes de la obra en realidad encarna dos modelos de mujer, la virtuosa versus la perfida, el modelo platonico versus el aristotelico, y sera Zenobia el personaje que Candidus utilice para rebatir la argumentacion de Caninius, lo que supuso que la figura de Zenobia se tornara de una gran actualidad en la Inglaterra del momento, confiriendo un ambiente propicio para la llegada de mujeres reinantes de sobra conocidas.
Hiervolgens kan n term vir wit, wat byvoorbeeld met albus aangedui is, nou met niveus as 'sneeuwit', candidus as 'suiwer wit' of eburneus as 'ivoorwit' verfyn word.
Lemke [equivalente a] Aleurodiscus candidus (Schwein.) Burt Oaxaca, sin localidad precisa (Burt, 1918a; Sharp, 1948) Dendrothele commixta (Hohn.