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Isolation and partial characterization of extracellular keratinase from a wool degrading thermophilic actinomycete strain Thermoactinomyces candidus.
Lemke [equivalente a] Aleurodiscus candidus (Schwein.
The name derives from Latin - casa meaning house and candidus meaning shining or glittering white, referring to the stone used to build it or whitewash to paint it.
Avoparcin is a glycopeptide antibiotic with a gram positive spectrum of activity produced by fermentation of a strain of Streptomyces candidus.
20) where Lucius has a puzzling dream in which an Isiac priests tells him of the impending return of a slave of his named Candidus.
En latin albus 'blanco' se oponia a candidus 'blanco brillante' en virtud del sema 'brillante', que cumple funcion distintiva.
verticillioides, Gliocladium fimbriatum and Aergillus candidus with decrease in percentages of about 8, 6, 6, 4, 4 and 4%, respectively; compared with the control.
The Amsterdam-born Candidus ten Brink, the man who (in effect) founded the firm in the 1820s, was reputably a good friend of J.
Although such comments occur more frequently in sources from island Southeast Asia, a Chinese observer in Vietnam also remarked on the delight with which parents greeted the birth of a daughter;" to which Andaya (212) adds that "the Dutch minister Candidus specifically commented on the care and affection Taiwanese showed to daughters, remarking that parents 'love the girls more than the boys.
Endophytes such as Aspergillus candidus and Volutella sp.
65) "Flos utique Virginis Filius, flos candidus et rubicundus, electus ex millibus, flos in quem prospicere desiderant angeli, flos ad cuius odorem reviviscum mortui".