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It is impossible for any man of candor to reflect on this circumstance without partaking of the astonishment.
I admire your bravery and your candor, but while you continue the Outlaw of Torn you may not break bread at the table of De Montfort as a friend would have the right to do.
It is you yourself, you must remember, who set the example of candor.
I accuse nobody," Francine began with spiteful candor.
Such quickness of perception as this was not to be deceived; such fearless candor demanded as a right a similar frankness on my side.
The meagre but sufficient identification of the deceased; the impudent candor of confession; the brutal anathema; the ludicrous change of sex and sentiment--all marked this record as the work of one who must have been at least as much demented as bereaved.
I can only imitate your admirable frankness, your fearless candor.
Remember them only yourself so far as for the future to teach you the better to avoid them; but still remember, for your comfort, that there is this great difference between those faults which candor may construe into imprudence, and those which can be deduced from villany only.
And this lack of candor in a matter of such gravity infuriated him.
While they avoid counterproductive candor about UNESCO's function as a megaphone for world government, Ottaway and Koven unabashedly tout the organization's role as a propaganda organ.
There's a lot of sex, or at least sexuality in these works, delivered with an often comical candor, and shades of homoeroticism abound.
No one with Amtrak likes the anxiety and turmoil generated by the downsizing and route and service cutbacks, but Downs' candor has helped employees understand why the changes are necessary and what they can do to support the effort.