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Candor is strengthened by the transaction and now has the ability to enhance technological support.
The Candor app simplifies the enrollment process and automates the user experience.
The level and type of candor that may work for (and be appreciated by) a lifelong resident of the United States is quite likely to be interpreted very differently--and less favorably--by a recent graduate of an American university who grew up in the Far East.
Many of us have assessed candor and transparency among potential leaders, while others have actively coached executives and developed programs to drive productive candor according to the situation at hand.
Part II describes three prominent theories of judicial candor with an eye to the results they might yield with respect to extralegal reasoning.
Dr McDonald said, "The CANDOR process is a validated and tested comprehensive approach that integrates and enhances best practices from pioneering healthcare institutions for responding to harm.
The Tourist Guides Association of Namibia would like to express their utmost gratitude to Candor IT for their generous donation.
Candor requires mutual effort--the ability to give it as well as the capacity to receive it.
Candor is an interpersonal process that promotes the authentic expression of different points of view in search of actionable wisdom.
The psalmist recites for God, with verve and candor, the trouble to be faced (31: 9-13).
In the town of Candor Florida secrets and trusthowever blind it may berule all its residents.
4 : the quality of being very frank : candor <spoke with freedom>