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His whiskers cut off, Noirtier gave another turn to his hair; took, instead of his black cravat, a colored neckerchief which lay at the top of an open portmanteau; put on, in lieu of his blue and high-buttoned frock-coat, a coat of Villefort's of dark brown, and cut away in front; tried on before the glass a narrow-brimmed hat of his son's, which appeared to fit him perfectly, and, leaving his cane in the corner where he had deposited it, he took up a small bamboo switch, cut the air with it once or twice, and walked about with that easy swagger which was one of his principal characteristics.
Monsieur de Chavigny handed his cane to Monsieur de Beaufort.
But deck out the same article in gorgeous raiment and fine linen, and he will strut down the main thoroughfare, swinging his cane and looking at the girls as perky as a bantam cock.
Denham merely smiled, and replacing the malacca cane on the rack, he drew a sword from its ornamental sheath.
The gold-headed cane is farcical considered as an acknowledgment to me; but happily I am above mercenary considerations.
That casting from his path a weeping mother, the goaded father at last dashed from the house yelling that he was away to buy a cane.
I thought it was that vagabond of a boy of mine," she explained, as an apology for the exhibition of the cane.
Just as she touched a cake with the tips of her fingers her hand was jerked away by a pull at the string, so savagely cruel in the nimble and devilish violence of it that I felt inclined to snatch Benjamin's cane out of his hand and break it over Miserrimus Dexter's back.
The old gentleman touched the spring in the knob of his cane, and answered, in the courtly manner of the old school:
The cane," he resumed, wiping his prodigious mat of face hair with the back of his hand.
Now,' said Squeers, giving the desk a great rap with his cane, which made half the little boys nearly jump out of their boots, 'is that physicking over?
On both hands the road is bordered by the lofty forest- trees, with their bases matted together by canes.