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Evidence indicates a first outbreak of rabies, overlapping or followed soon after by a canine distemper outbreak.
Urine is useful in the ante mortem diagnosis of distemper, easier to collect than other body fluids and shows great sensitivity in different clinical presentations of canine distemper (GEBARA et al.
4 kg previously diagnosed with canine distemper was presented with history of dysphagia, myoclonus and weight loss since two weeks.
Two bobcats (M2, M3) tested positive for toxoplasmosis and one tested positive for canine distemper (F4).
An immunochromatography assay for rapid antemortem diagnosis of dogs suspected to have canine distemper.
The measles virus probably descended from the ancestors of the modern canine distemper and/or rinderpest viruses, a process which may be dated back to the Epipalaeolithic Age (approximately 10 000 BC), when man started domesticating dogs and cattle in the Middle East.
Survey of Baylisascaris procyonis and canine distemper virus in southern Illinois raccoons.
The infectious canine distemper disease has been found in Sierra Madre, La Canada-Flintridge and possibly in Arcadia, Pasadena, Glendale and Tujunga, officials said.
In addition to the canine distemper virus, ferrets are unusual in that they can become infected with human influenza.
People can be infected with mange and canine distemper, but canine distemper doesn't cause symptoms in humans.
Because they attack livestock they have been widely hunted by man, but they have also been affected by diseases like canine distemper and by reductions in the populations of their prey.

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