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He said that kinnow growers were facing severe problems as they could not even meet the expenditures over kinnow production as the citrus canker was a threatening disease for its growth added that many commercial citrus varieties were moderately to highly susceptible to the disease
Oral care products maker DenTek has acquired the Canker Cover and OraMoist brands from Quantum Health.
The department is working with other state and federal agencies and Penn State to survey for walnut twig beetles and slow the spread of Thousand Canker Disease, for which there is no known cure.
Inset, a canker underneath the outer bark of a Paradox hybrid walnut showing necrosis around walnut twig beetle tunnels.
Contract notice: Neutralization homes canker colored sycamore: work felling trees on the canal du midi and its annexes
2] for 6 weeks, then inoculated them with two common fungal pathogens that cause two diseases, pitch canker and fusiform rust.
Parsnip canker can create problems for many farmers, causing significant losses during harvest and storage.
Parsnip canker can cause serious problems for UK farmers - with significant losses during harvest and storage.
They have been developed alongside the company's current Recommended List candidates, DK Excellium and DK ExStorm to provide durable stem canker resistance, pod shatter resistance and vigour.
MERRY-GO-RIDES: From the Examiner, July 11, 1953: "Despite the fact that most members of the Huddersfield Passenger Transport Employees'' Social Club had to be manning their buses on Saturday afternoon, the minority who were off duty contrived to make the annual field day at Canker Lane a success.
The suspected rebels struck while the security personnel were searching for insurgents in a forested area in Canker.
A 1995 USDA Forest Service study estimated that the canker was responsible for widespread damage to butternut trees, resulting in the toss of almost 77 percent of the butternuts in the Southeast.