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British studies show that, in about 20% of patients, canker sores are due partly to nutritional deficiencies, especially lack of vitamin [B.
Trying to grab a larger slice of the pie, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals has introduced Orabase Soothe-N-Seal, a product designed to ease pain from canker sores and mouth sores.
Dental surgery or biting one's tongue or cheek while chewing often produces the typical canker sore ulcer.
Orahealth Corporation is a privately-held OTC medication company that specializes in treating diseases of the mouth and is committed to providing the most effective treatments for the more than 50 million canker sore sufferers nationwide.
and lifelong canker sore sufferer, Cankermelts-GX's patented delivery system ensures that the medicated disc -- slightly smaller than a dime -- adheres inside the mouth on or near the sore without impeding normal functions such as talking, chewing and swallowing.
As a lifelong canker sore sufferer, I was frustrated that there was nothing on the market that healed the sore," said Jeff Haley, chief scientist and founder of Orahealth.
DEBACTEROL(R) Canker Sore Pain Relief is sold in the United States and HYBENX(TM) Oral Ulcer Pain Relief is distributed outside the US.
The Glycyrrhiza extract discs also relieved canker sore pain in minutes according to the subjects' reports.
Not only is the short time of eradication significant, but also the absence of itching and dryness for cold sores and the ability to use the canker sore medication in the mouth for children, as the medication is completely safe and almost tasteless.
As of this writing, Melissa has had no subsequent canker sore outbreaks, which leads me to believe that she has had little, if any, intestinal inflammation since the episode in July 2010.
OraHealth announces that CankerMelts[R] canker sore solution discs feature improved adhesion and a non-stain formula as well as a new package design.
When the study ended, their pain from canker sores actually increased.