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Time will tell if it does turn out to be a 'cankerous blot' or something rather better--a bold and enlightened assertion of national identity.
Walking slowly between long rows of filbert trees, Salas gazed up at each one, hoping he wouldn't see dead branches or wilted, dying leaves that could signal the presence of cankerous spots on the bark.
The cankerous activity of the state was also felt to have affected people's willingness to work.
When people pull stunts such as these, they're just spewing whatever cankerous crap they feel about themselves onto folks they perceive as easy targets.
It is a cankerous wound festering not just in one Jew's lifetime, but for hundreds of years, a palpably never-ending tragedy of opprobrium he never felt, in its deepest dimensions, as he says, "till now." [3.1.92]
Perhaps the trick is to find a way of using new monies at the CBC in a manner that doesn't prop up its old, cankerous senior management.