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Thousand cankers disease 'is a rapidly emerging invasive threat to walnut orchards in California,' says Richard Bostock, plant pathologist at UC Davis and a lead researcher on a 3-year study of the disease.
Thousand Cankers disease is attacking black walnuts, and cities from Pueblo to Longmont are suffering losses.
Spores are carded by rain to the stem, causing stem cankers that spread and kilt the trees.
However, pathologists haven't found phytophthora on new cankers spreading in the UK and on the Continent, suggesting that there must be another cause.
The disease agent is a fungus that produces lesions or cankers on the bark, leading to dieback of stems.
The blight seems to have originated in Asia, and some trees of the Chinese chestnut species don't even develop cankers when they encounter the fungus.
There is some suspicion that cankers, or sores, may also be caused by pruning wounds or sunburn.
Check out dead snags, cavities and cankers in established trees and if present, cut back rotten wood to firm healthy tissue.
A state quarantine restricts the movement of wood products out of Bucks County because of Thousand Cankers Disease.
Excessive overhead watering of dry-climate plants can lead to stem cankers and other diseases.
He and his colleagues sampled so-called bleeding cankers on some four dozen beeches in New York and Connecticut.