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If Thousand Cankers Disease were to become widespread in Michigan it could cause significant losses to the states walnut timber and nut producing industries.
Spores of the pathogen are carried on the vector's body and infect the host tissue; the cankers produced by the pathogen coalesce and can girdle a trunk or branch, and in severe cases can cause decline and death of the tree.
Abstract: Rhizoctonia solani (Kuhn) is the causal pathogen of stem canker and black scurf disease on potato.
Branches of persimmon cultivar 'Fuyu' exhibiting cankers were collected from Santa Catarina and Parana for isolation of putative pathogen(s).
Identified in Boulder and Colorado Springs in 2008, Thousand Cankers has resulted in the death of 60 percent of the walnuts in Boulder and has spread to Denver, Longmont, Pueblo and Canon City.
A 1995 USDA Forest Service study estimated that the canker was responsible for widespread damage to butternut trees, resulting in the toss of almost 77 percent of the butternuts in the Southeast.
However, pathologists haven't found phytophthora on new cankers spreading in the UK and on the Continent, suggesting that there must be another cause.
Excessive overhead watering of dry-climate plants can lead to stem cankers and other diseases.
The blight seems to have originated in Asia, and some trees of the Chinese chestnut species don't even develop cankers when they encounter the fungus.
There is some suspicion that cankers, or sores, may also be caused by pruning wounds or sunburn.
Most often, the best treatment is time - for all cankers eventually go away on their own.
KDA recommends avoiding long distance transportation of untreated firewood due to the threat of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Thousand Cankers Disease of walnut, and Pine Wilt.