cannabis sativa

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Cannabis sativa is usually called "hemp" when used as a source of fiber, "hempseed" when used as a source of seed oil, and "marijuana" (more commonly spelled "marihuana" in the past) when used for euphoric inebriants and therapeutic drugs.
8%) and Cannabis sativa extract with high content of cannabidiol (here named CBD botanical drug substance (CBD BDS), see HPLC chromatogram in Fig.
Cannabis sativa (marijuana or "Indian hemp") is the only illicit drug produced in significant quantity in Nigeria, although, as noted above, NDLEA has discovered a methamphetamine lab in Nigeria in the last year.
Governor Mustafa Toprak said troops, acting on a tip off, went to rural area of Gomec village and seized 600,000 root cannabis sativa.
The 10 authors who published most papers on cannabis, 1900-2008, and a summary of the main topics of each author Author Publications Summary of the publication themes (N) Hall W 62 Cannabis use and psychosis, depression and other substance use, prevalence of cannabis use, cannabis use in young people, cannabis policy in Australia, cannabis and medical conditions Turner CE 57 Constituents of Cannabis sativa L 1-25, pharmacological action of cannabis constituents, isolation of cannabinoids, isolation of cannabispiran, isolation of cannabisativine Elsohley Y 49 Constituents of C.
Studies have suggested that exposure to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychotropic component of Cannabis sativa, induces psychotic symptoms in a substantial proportion of healthy controls.
Cannabis (Marijuana or charas/ ganja/bhang as it is known commonly in India) is predominantly obtained from Cannabis sativa L.
It is the first cannabinoid medicine derived from whole plant extracts of the cannabis sativa plant, and is only the second cannabinoid drug to be licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
Patients go up the stairs and through a locked door to the actual dispensary, where jars hold fragrant buds of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica with names like Sour Diesel, Northern Lights Haze and Purple Kush--$50 to $60 for an eighth of an ounce.
Cannabis sativa, perhaps more commonly known these days for its qualities as an hallucinogenic drug, produces the raw materials for making hemp ropes.