cannabis sativa

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The Cannabis sativa versus Cannabis indica debate: An interview with Ethan Russo, MD.
Starting around 2010, nabiximols (11) (brand name Sativex), a combination of THC and CBD derived from two strains of Cannabis sativa, was approved in Canada, New Zealand, and eight European countries for treating unresolved cancer pain, and the pain and spasticity of multiple sclerosis pain.
126) See Salvador Soler et al, "Genetic Structure of Cannabis sativa var.
Authoritative species in group Q3 was Cannabis sativa and Diclipteraroxburghiana, so the title allotted to this group was Cannabis-Dicliptera.
Cannabidiol is a molecule that is present in most varieties of the cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants.
MIKE GRAVEL: The former Dem senator from Alaska and 2008 presidential wannabe is named the new CEO of KUSH, a marijuana products company owned by Cannabis Sativa Inc.
The Bulimia nervosa (chronic intake of cannabis sativa in large quantity) is the rarest cause of gangrene of fundus of stomach which causes severe gastritis which later leads to impaired blood supply to the fundus of stomach and causes gangrene of fundus of stomach.
Therapeutic use of Cannabis sativa on chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting among cancer patients: Systematic review and meta-analysis.
Here, we have investigated the effect of a standardized Cannabis sativa extract with high content of cannabidiol (CBD), here named CBD BDS, i.
The EU regulations refer to the cultivation of industrial hemp, cannabis sativa L.
Hemp and marijuana are the same species, Cannabis sativa, just cultivated differently to enhance or reduce marijuana's psychoactive chemical, THC.
The scholar in his research has proved that the extracts of Bacopa moniera, Zingiber officinale and cannabis sativa have the potential to relieve cancer chemotherapy induced vomiting.