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Cannier marketers, more in touch with the basics, or perhaps with a desk not too far from the ops team, accept that the substantive reality may not improve but that "branded service" can set the business apart.
The fickle nature of these Congresses often bothered presidents, but the cannier ones quickly learned how to use such shifting alliances to their advantage.
While other companies have tended to gussy up older airframes with paint and avionics, Nextant pursues a cannier philosophy.
Thereafter London was plunged into its annual Frieze Week frenzy, where the cannier or luckier gallerists had sell-out stands or gallery shows, and the carefully assembled contemporary auctions fared either well or exceptionally.
However, should you just think about what would suit you and your family best - or could you make a cannier investment by trying to consider the wider appeal of your renovations?
Tenders are Invited for Provision of South Saint Mandrier CIN Shooting Range of Metal joinery Cannier.
Instead, Wales need to be cannier, and they don't come much more canny than Tipuric.
Napoli, however, may prove cannier opposition under European specialist Rafa Benitez, who is seeking to become only the second man after Giovanni Trapattoni to win the trophy for a third time after victories with Valencia in 2004 and Chelsea in 2013.
Or perhaps Putin is just a bit cannier. His followers in Russia are unlikely to see, let alone be influenced by, an art film, and this sliver of Russian free expression might just persuade foreigners that there is still some liberalism left in Putin's authoritarian democracy -- at least until that, too, ends up as a shattered illusion.
Acra's cannier clients view such collaborations as potential image enhancers.
That doesn't mean I give up hope, rather that experience has made me cannier than ever, but I have seen many friends bridge all sorts of divides - in age, culture, finances - and make it work.
Paceman Ravi Rampaul does not deny that the IPL has been a gateway to a comfortable life, but adds that plying his trade in the cash- rich league has also made him a cannier bowler.