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Tenders are Invited for Provision of South Saint Mandrier CIN Shooting Range of Metal joinery Cannier.
Instead, Wales need to be cannier, and they don't come much more canny than Tipuric.
Napoli, however, may prove cannier opposition under European specialist Rafa Benitez, who is seeking to become only the second man after Giovanni Trapattoni to win the trophy for a third time after victories with Valencia in 2004 and Chelsea in 2013.
Acra's cannier clients view such collaborations as potential image enhancers.
That doesn't mean I give up hope, rather that experience has made me cannier than ever, but I have seen many friends bridge all sorts of divides - in age, culture, finances - and make it work.
Paceman Ravi Rampaul does not deny that the IPL has been a gateway to a comfortable life, but adds that plying his trade in the cash- rich league has also made him a cannier bowler.
On top of that, Michael Clarke is a far cannier captain than Ricky Ponting was and he has worked out Cook and Jonathan Trott so they don't look like the run machines they were on the last Ashes tour.
As she becomes cannier and more confident at governing, however, she loses her grip on a crumbling family--a daughter afflicted by anxiety attacks, a small son who wets his bed, a husband forced to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime job offer because his wife is running a country.
The three picks below indicate that the further you move from the current fashion template the cannier a buyer you are.
Cannier than their predecessors, you will see no such thing from the Coalition.
But the bottom line is that Scott was beaten to the pole by a cannier, savvier adversary in Amundsen.
They are cannier than men at making a lifetime choice," he stated.