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The three picks below indicate that the further you move from the current fashion template the cannier a buyer you are.
Cannier than their predecessors, you will see no such thing from the Coalition.
39) Early patronizing attitudes and high-handedness were quickly seen to be counterproductive, and MITI developed a much more subtle and co-ordinated strategy of inducements, including "economic development assistance" to communities that agreed to host new plants (sums continually ratcheted up as communities learned to drive cannier bargains).
They are cannier than men at making a lifetime choice," he stated.
The Israelis also have a suspicion that parties like Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood have not necessarily become weaker but its leaders are playing a cannier game by allying themselves with secular groups.
In fact, Keats's interest in things is far cannier than some of his more condescending critics have recognized.
What lies ahead may be challenging, but historically that's businesses become more creative, consumers cannier and economies resilient.
We have to be much cannier in our handling of the tackle situation, and without delay.
En 1992, le POSEIDOM (19) a reconduit les objectifs du plan Mauroy : accroissement de l'espace cannier, de la mecanisation, reorganisation du secteur et relance de tous les stades de l'industrie.