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But with the thought of missing the Dublin Film Festival, where he was to be the star attraction, Pearse cannily declined.
Dope enough that Ruff Ryders Records, known for tough-minded acts like DMX and Eve, cannily defied its street-reality formulas, signing the first major label Asian-American solo rapper in a predominantly black industry.
Paul Cooper, head of mortgages at Alliance & Leicester, said: 'While Brits are preparing to lavish money on their homes, it seems they are cannily opting to spend more on outward or cosmetic appearances with decorating or painting, rather than costly tasks, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, so close to Christmas.
Kerry cannily defended his well-known preference for complex answers by noting the trouble some of President Bush's simple answers have gotten the country into: ''Saying there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq doesn't make it so.
While identifying many of the major issues at stake in an imperial policy on language and communication, Palmer cannily prepares the reader for her central enabling observation: in contrast to the "discourse of difference" adopted by the Spanish in their approach to, for example, the Inca and their lingua franca, Quechua, the Irish and their language were at once too dissimilar to qualify as "native" and yet not dissimilar enough to render them "exotic"; English governors, soldiers, and planters therefore had to resort to a practice of silencing and suppressing the Irish voice (like Gilbert) lest it should, in turn, supplant them.
Cannily, the aural background was a series of tapes of stage partners: Toni Lander and Bruce Marks wondered aloud, as a husband/ wife team, whose rhythm prevails onstage.
He cannily took his cheque and let the dust settle on his victory before launching an attempt to find a 'credible' career in television.
In addition to horsepower and handling, Saleen's system cannily packages and sells exclusivity at a cut-rate price.
During his tenure, he cannily preserved every ashcan he came across.
The Oratorians cannily used a photograph of this miraculous Virgin of Parkdale (as she was referred to in the National Enquirer) on greeting cards, which they sold to raise money for the new church.
Eszter, cannily taking the measure of the situation, seizes the initiative to the intruders and assume effective control of local affairs.
Buck's foray into show business sends the movie spinning off into a cannily aware send-up of L.