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The national anthems of both nations were played while a battery of howitzers fired a cannonade in Tiananmen Square.
Instead, the four British warships came into close range of their opposites and anchored to begin a cannonade.
Then they retreated and all of sudden they charged at us with a cannonade of stones.
This cannonade welcomed the new Interior Minister Spasovski who thought when he comes on this function he can work according to the law and competences he acquired.
These events were neither remote nor of merely abstract interest: "There is a cannonade whilst I am writeing," he announced.
While they were coming across the valley a tremendous cannonade was opened upon our lines from the French Artillery on the opposite heights (to throw us into confusion) over the heads of the cavalry and troops in the valley.
Blackmore adds, "Five years later, Admiral Sir Harry Neal directed another offshore cannonade of reconstructed Algiers, but none of these punitive expeditions completely eradicated the corsair scourge.
I have sustained a continual bombardment of increased high-stakes testing and accountability-related bureaucracy and a cannonade of gross underfunding for 10 years at least and have lost several good men and women.
They pitch a tent from time to time And resurrect these flaming souls From their interment but that magic Is but memory, flicker of a votary flame, Not the lightning flash of dancing feet, spattering fists, Thundering horses and the cannonade of 45's That limned our beings like a holy ghost.
Originally the Chester residence of the Earls of Shrewsbury, it was built in 1664, replacing the previous building which was badly damaged by cannonade during the siege of Chester.
When discussing his own style, O'Brian quoted Johnson's famous cannonade against the false patronage of Lord Chesterfield, and description of himself as a drowning man saved by his own strength, as a superb example of prose rhythm: "Is not a Patron, my Lord, one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and, when he has reached ground, encumbers him with help?
To make matters worse for Murray, he has also had to deal with a cannonade of criticism in the UK about his surliness and perceived anti-Englishness following a flippant comment he made about supporting whichever team was playing England at the 2006 World Cup.