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and very sincerely do we regret, for her sake, that she has fallen into the error of publishing anything so ineffably bad." (29) Also The Saturday Review had condemned Barrett Browning for a want of patriotism and for an "idolatrous devotion to Napoleon III." (30) According to Barrett Browning's letter of 14 April 1860 to Isa Blagden, Browning at first upset by these unwarranted attacks--"Now turns a hero's face to all this cannonading. He does'nt care a straw he says"--and Barrett Browning" cant care either." (31)
The Dutch ships were larger, more heavily armed, more maneuverable and employed more effective cannonading that the Chinese.
We have had wild wind and rain for the last week, but today is cold and clear, and for the first time in weeks it is quiet--the cannonading has been incessant.
Nevertheless, in 1871 retired Civil War general Edward Powers argued in favor of cannonading in his book War and the Weather, or, The Artificial Production of Rain.
Power capabilities of entirely new dimensions--as instrumentalized in the form of cannonading sailing vessels, the coordinated musket fire of drilled and disciplined infantry, and massive fortifications defended by heavy artillery--would enable astonishingly small numbers of Europeans to project, and then tighten, their predatory hold over immensely distant seas, lands, and peoples.
This beep is a tormenting, ugly, cannonading scream that intensifies as the minutes pass.
FROM THE GONDOLA high above the ice, the familiar, gravelly clarion call: "Hello Canada and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland ..." Outwardly, hockey transforms "the immobility of winter, the hardness of earth and the suspension of normal life into a buoyant, vigorous and passionate sport." (1) Hearing steel cutting across ice, the heart-sinking double clink of a "two poster" caroming out instead of in, feeling a vulcanized rubber disc's movement on your stick blade, the exhilaration of "spinaramas," "scintillating saves" off "cannonading" drives, or the jubilation of "going top cheese" between the bars takes one closer to hockey's inner reality.
"I do not conceive that the indications of Providence point him to go," she observed, "and I have perhaps gone beyond a wife's privilege in my strenuous use of arguments to induce him to think so too." Her fears for her husband, who left two weeks later, were intensified when she heard cannonading from her own home.