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ASK anyone who knows me, the one thing I cannot abide is repeated lateness.
For the peach element, I decided to use the very-much-in-vogue flat peach, though a regular peach works just as well, as does a nectarine, for those with an aversion to the 'fur' of the peach skin (my mum cannot abide the feel of peaches).
There he sits, a whole afternoon sometimes, reading these same abominable, vile (a pox on them, I cannot abide them
Her husband cannot abide this small desire of his wife's.
When contractor cannot abide by terms and conditions in fulfilling the contract, contractor must supply service or supplies from other sources at the contract price.
That's because she likes watching X Factor and those reality talent shows, which I cannot abide.
And they indicated: "If Corey cannot abide by those simple conditions, we will have no hesitation in reporting him to his probation officer.
We cannot abide by that because the government is compelling us to sin," Rubio (https://www.
Her father provides loving intervention, but Bethany's mother blames Bethany for Mira's death and cannot abide Bethany's needs.
He stated on his website that "I cannot abide by a requirement to vote against my personal conscience on this issue.
At a press conference, he said Tamkeen cannot abide by such a condition because the number of Bahraini job-seekers in the private sector do not meet the labour market's demands, reported the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
The funny thing is that, no matter what the registration number and how "cool" people think it is, I cannot abide it when numbers, letters and fonts are tinkered with to make a word.