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Those who cannot abide change never arrive in a city, or they soon leave.
However, South Africa issued a formal statement afterwards saying it cannot abide by that resolution.
Plenty of people cannot abide Formula One, although they're normally the kind who like crick-k et, wear cords and hog the middle lane of the motorway.
We extend a welcoming hand to those Anglican clergy and laity who cannot abide the presence of women priests or gay clergy in their communion.
One must fear for freedom in days wherein those sworn to uphold the Constitution cannot abide the speech of others.
BUT the punk flame still burns brightly within me and I cannot abide (in no particular order) rules for the sake of them, people who say "Would love to help you but sorry it's the policy", unfairness and "Pop" music with a capital "P".
What conceit and arrogance ands as Jesus said of the Pharisees, hypocrisy, to presume, in the name of appeasing those who cannot abide the thought of blessing a committed homosexual relationship or supporting a homosexual bishop, to strip the right to perform that blessing from those who have prayerfully undertaken it.
Heinz never came out with "New Ketchup" although it did toy with ketchup in various colors such as green, which kids loved for all the obvious reasons kids love things that adults cannot abide.
It's a shared mentality that has ensured Moyes is on the same wavelength as many Everton supporters, who, while they would prefer that their players have talent, will always back a trier but cannot abide a shirker no matter how gifted they are.
He confesses that we are called by Paul to an unconditional hospitality that renounces violence, and so even as he insists that we cannot abide by the resurrection mandate and must get our hands dirty, he also insists that the call to unconditional hospitality remain the eschatological horizon that influences us to be more restrained in our violence.
Despite its moderate frost tolerance, Brugmansia cannot abide the deeper cold of the Antelope Valley.