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Country: United States of America
State: Missouri

We live in Missouri. Our lease in our apartment is not up until this coming June. We no longer can afford to live here so we called our landlord and asked her if we can get out of our lease. She said that if we paid her 2 months worth of rent and she keeps the deposit she would lets us. Well, we can't afford to pay the regular rent, so there is no way we can pay 2 months worth to get out. My husband says we should just abandon it and send her the keys. What can she do if we decide to do that?


Review your lease and see if it has any terms that may support you and in any case ask the landlord to work something out--many will do something for you in medical situations or other emergencies...if there are any problems you could try to point those out as reasons for leaving as well; finally most landlords actually will not sue for the amounts owing after a broken lease, though they may try to report it to your credit agency; you are only liable until they re-rent it in any case so if you can find someone to take it, that may also help...
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'We can hardly make both ends meet as we cannot pay rent due to slump in the music business.
Unfortunately, displaced child migrants cannot pay rent. Wealthy foreign diplomats can and it was these people to whom Lily rented her property.
They cannot pay rent out of their modicum pension any longer, they added.
A letter from the office of Communities Secretary Eric Pickles says savings of pounds 270million a year could be wiped out if councils have to find homes for families who cannot pay rent if handouts are cut.
Some families have been forced to accept Salvation Army food parcels and others have been threatened with eviction because they cannot pay rent.
They hold jobs but cannot pay rent. That's what Marilyn Wegscheider told NCR contributor Gill Donovan, which got us interested in the story of the Brandes Place development (see story below).
'With that, bridging housing deficit will be properly addressed and pursued', said Makuolu, who enjoined government to concern itself with social housing for those who cannot pay rent because they were either out of job or had other financial handicap.
Hospital MS has claimed that they cannot pay rent money as they have no money and the govt has stopped their funding.
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