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The Labour Party cannot seem to keep its councillors.
HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4) TILLY and Esther just cannot seem to get a break.
However, I cannot seem to find out about permits and the tax I will have to pay in order to legally sell my beer.
THE current financial chaos in Cyprus is yet more proof that the Euro is a failed currency, although it seems that the EU cannot seem to accept that it's pet project has crashed and burned in spectacular fashion as its proposed theft of money from the personal savings of the ordinary Cypriot person in an effort to prop it up proves.
Overweight I cannot seem to lose any weight Although it's obvious my body is in a dreadful state I am starting to believe I will not lose any weight And that is something I find hard to contemplate But I keep trying and never lose heart Although I do not know where to start I love my food and a few beers every day That's while I can still afford to pay I frequent the baths and the gym But still things look pretty grim My belief is my age and lifestyle are against me They have been since I was 63 My weight problem will all ways be with me How diminishing of me, we will have to wait and see G McLANDERS, Byker.
Now they feel a sense of urgency, but cannot seem to get started again.
No matter what he tries, Walter cannot seem to get himself back on track - until a beaver hand puppet enters his life.
She cannot seem to accept that her partner had been married and had children before he met her.
We cannot seem to hold onto the ball and can't make the final pass; and we just seemed to shut out halfway through the second half after hooker Andrew Brown was yellow-carded.
The market is flooded with fear and investors cannot seem to find anything that reassures them of a possible light at the end of the tunnel," said Amro Halwani, senior equity sales trader at Shuaa Capital PSC in Riyadh.
But even after getting married, Laurence and RenAe cannot seem to be able to love their husbands for a long time.
The frustrating thing for myself and the team is that we just cannot seem to get a run of games.

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