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1) Lack of empathy: If the person cannot seem to put him or herself in another person's shoes and see things from a different perspective, they will never be a great leader.
Struggling to become gainfully employed, she cannot seem to catch a break.
However, where this calculation falls down is where other police funding calculations also fall down - they cannot seem to cope with the hybrid nature of the Northumbria force area.
Netizens cannot seem to get enough of the Forevermore fever after the seven-month-long ABS-CBN hit series starred by Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano ended on May 22, 2015.
The book is fast paced and chock full of conspiracy theories although there are times when the author cannot seem to make up her mind which storyline is the main focus.
com/2014/12/29/khloe-kardashian-divorce-lamar-odom-missing/) TMZ Sports reports that sources close to the situation say that Khloe cannot seem to get hold of the former National Basketball Association, or NBA, player to finalise the divorce case.
If despite all your determined efforts you cannot seem to reach your goals, be patient.
Do we desire a fantasy life that we cannot seem to grasp in our own journey?
As I have sit down to write a tribute to my mother, I am at an unexpected loss of words because I cannot seem to paraphrase my love and affection for Amma (that's how I address my mother).
There is such a thing as a love addiction, where the connection between two people is more chaotic than positive, but they cannot seem to separate, says psychologist Sherrie Campbell, author of Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person.
Ann Bookman, director of the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston said that it's because people cannot seem to get used to the idea of a woman running for president and they really have a double standard about different things.
Kris Commons is on fire and just cannot seem to stop scoring.

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