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Bedlington Juniors are snapping at their heels following their 2-0 home triumph against Wallsend BC, who are playing good football but cannot seem to put the ball in the net.
"There are games this season we have dominated from start to finish but we cannot seem to score and we give away silly goals too.
Martin is certainly attractive, attentive, and intelligent, so why is it that Annabelle cannot seem to let the craziness go?
JAMES MILNER: Cannot seem to find his England Under-21 form ...........................6
"I cannot seem to turn it on in the finals like I was doing a couple of seasons ago," admitted Higgins, after losing for the 12th time in 19 finals.
Her mother has abusive boyfriends; she cannot seem to make and keep friends; and on top of everything else, she has cystic fibrosis.
Yet the age-old cliches of the blonde bimbo, the hot-tempered red-head and the sophisticated brunette cannot seem to be shaken off by women.
Evie is a whiny, self-obsessed, shallow individual who cannot seem to figure out who or what she is.
He is the oldest child in a quirky family that cannot seem to stay out of money trouble.
Forgiven yanks readers into the world of Riley Blackthorne, apprentice demon trapper, who just cannot seem to catch a break.
Along the way she meets a magician named Schmendrick, a barmaid named Molly, and a cast of characters who cannot seem to recognize what the creature truly is beyond merely a beautiful horse.
The country witnessed several shortcomings and hardships, with many of PTI's promises left undone- the party's attempt to counter the housing crises is largely underwhelming, it cannot seem to get the cabinet in order with several shuffling and the promise to de-politicise the Punjab Police has had many hurdles, with three Police Chiefs transfers.

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