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Updating of the electroslag process of production of hollow ingots allowed producing canonic ingots (Figure 4, a).
Corse remains neutral on the issue of canonic value selection itself; her argument is with advocates of "reflection theory" (surely, at this point in the canonic debate, a soft target indeed), not with the political and cultural agendas of those elites who actually select these values.
The grid-style layout of these eighteen clones suddenly felt at home in the world of Warhol, who, only months later, would offer his own mass-produced de Chirico show in Rome with assembly-line riff s on the canonic masterpieces.
Quartet for Strings, done to Verdi's only string quartet, was a repetitious exercise in canonic sequence for a quintet of under-challenged dancers.
Tracks such as Kick and The Thistle of Scotland are inventive recreations of folk tunes, whilst the canonic texture and bass line of Beat the Retreat openly recalls Purcell.
The second part of the book opens out from the first in a number of senses, taking the reader beyond the Italian Renaissance, beyond well-studied canonic pairings of poetry and painting, and beyond the paradigm of an harmonious and unified blurring and de-emphasizing of the distinctions between the nature of poetry and painting and the scholarship devoted to them: literary criticism and art history.
But despite this promising beginning, Cable herself turns away from metaphor ("rather than dealing with it") and discusses instead her sense of Milton's evolving understanding of the relationship between truth and image, between "the idea" and "that which is fixed, canonic, and binding.
On the complex subject of intertextuality itself, the author resorts to the canonic works of Julia Kristeva, Gerard Genette, and Lucien Dallembach.
In the fourth section, "Composition," Weber turns to the canonic concert works composed in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Songbook and the Third Piano Sonata.
But perhaps stemming from the old and flawed assumption that history is only justified as a basis for theory, he largely sticks to a core of canonic texts, buildings and writers, a fixed repertoire for their analysis, such as proportionally-governed 'traces regulateurs' to compare paintings by Mondrian and Corb, and a view that words, forms and ideas have direct correspondence.
Selected scores in first round of Celtic Manor Wales Open, Newport (Gbr&Irl unless stated,Par 72) (x)denotes amateurs 65 David Howell; 66 Marcel Siem (Ger),Emanuele Canonic a (Ita); 67 ChristianCevaer (Fra), Steven O'Hara,Colin Montgomerie; 68 Jarrod Moseley (Aus),Mikko Ilonen (Fin),Nobuhito Sato (Jpn),David Carter,Robert Karlsson (Swe),Gary Murphy,Stuart Little; 69 Martin Maritz (Rsa),Sven Struver (Ger),Peter Hanson (Swe),Miguel Angel Martin (Spa),Barry Lane,Thomas Levet (Fra),Miles Tunnicliff, Fredrik Andersson (Swe),Simon Khan,Soren Kjeldsen (Den),David Lynn,Paul Casey 70 Warren Bennett,Gary Orr,Santiago Luna (Spa), Jonathan Lomas,Peter O'Malley (Aus),Robert Coles,Mads Vibe-Hastrup(Den),Per Nyman(Swe).
Berman and Smith, who began draped over each other, unfurled like a flower in full bloom and cadenced their courtly exchanges with a canonic series of torso squiggles.