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We expect a strong relationship between stabilization with internal loop and the usual concept of stabilization by the parameterization of all stabilizing (dual) canonical controllers.
Age explained 80% of variation in the multivariate model, with a canonical correlation coefficient of 0.89 between age and the dependent canonical variate.
Yes, that's correct, the OS is available for both phones and tablets and Canonical claims that the OS can support screen sizes anywhere between 6 to 20 inches, reinforcing the claim that Ubuntu OS for mobile is a unified OS across platforms, differing only in its front end.
Canonical's dream of one device for all your needs is alive and well, and the tablet OS - running on an ARM chip - enables "true device convergence", which means if you plug an Ubuntu tablet into a television, you'll have access to either PC or TV Ubuntu interfaces and apps.
Canonical states Ubuntu will have an advantage over other smartphone platforms as it will be able to fully offer a smartphone experience or a full desktop experience when docked.
Literary Visions of the Middle East: An Anthology of Canonical Masterpieces of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hebrew Fiction (Mid-19th to Early 21st Centuries)
The Holy Father Pope Francis has approved the canonical coronation of the more than a hundred-year-old image of the revered Birhen ng Dororosa (Our Lady of Sorrows) in Dolores, Quezon.
In this paper, we prove that the normalization of an irreducible quasi-log canonical pair (qlc pair, for short) becomes a quasi-log canonical pair.
London, United Kingdom, February 15, 2018 --( Storage Made Easy (SME) today announced the availability of the Storage Made Easy[TM] File Fabric[TM] charm through Canonical's Juju charm store.
Canonical correlation analysis (CCA) is a technique of multivariate statistical analysis, which deals with the mutual relationships of two sets of variables [1-3].
In this paper we propose and apply the multivariate statistical technique of canonical correlation analysis to the study of linkages of Pakistani economy to the globe.