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The open source mobile OS from Canonical, Ubuntu Phone, has suffered its first security vulnerability in the form of an attack that provided hackers with root access to Ubuntu-based smartphones.
BootStack is the managed OpenStack cloud offering from Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.
Arturo Suarez, BootStack's Product Manager at Canonical, said, "The simplified secure cloud and hybrid networking offered by this collaboration builds on Canonical's BootStack promises to deliver enterprise OpenStack projects on time and on budget.
During the Mobile World Congress, or MWC, 2014 event, Meizu and Canonical had unveiled a sample model of Meizu MX3 that was based on the Ubuntu OS.
Synopsis: By their very nature, historical Jesus studies inevitably focus on the Gospel accounts, canonical and non-canonical alike.
Robbins provides a classroom-friendly introduction to Q, the four canonical Gospels, and six noncanonical presentations of Jesus, including Thomas, Infancy Thomas, Infancy James, Mary, Judas, and the Acts of John.
As part of that conversation, Watson has composed a richly textured exploration of "the fourfold canonical gospel.
Polish Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, the former nuncio to the Dominican Republic, was sentenced with laicization after a canonical process conducted by the Congregation for the Doctrine for the Faith, the Vatican said in a written statement June 27.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A new discovery that large numbers of exceptions from the canonical genetic code challenged the long-held assumption that each word means the same thing to every organism.
Canonical Marriage Preparation in the Igbo Tradition in the Light of Canon 1063 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law: Canonical Norms and Inculturation
We conducted three MANOVAs in PROC GLM with the CANONICAL option to assess whether juveniles and adults differed in their selection of structure of microhabitats, microclimate of the foraging patch, and foraging behavior with age as an independent variable.
Canonical states Ubuntu will have an advantage over other smartphone platforms as it will be able to fully offer a smartphone experience or a full desktop experience when docked.