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is canonically isomorphic to the formal spectrum of R[[t]].
David Goldie's survey of popular fiction deploys fine formal and political discrimination, while McIlvanney's essay on 'The Glasgow Novel' traces the representation of Scotland's metropolis from Defoe to the present day, an approach which also allows the inclusion of the commercially successful alongside the canonically literary, and reaps similarly rich rewards.
claims that with predestination "the theological controversies arise from Scripture itself"; that it is "a biblical doctrine" (8) suggests Scripture's irreducibility as canonically text and authority.
People call for water and yell "Allahu akbar" canonically.
Canonically, each Eastern Catholic Church is sui iuris or autonomous with respect to other Catholic Churches, whether Latin or Eastern.
The result is that this volume contents 16 chapters dedicated to 19 countries (the Baltic states are presented together, as well as Czech Republic and Slovakia) where the Orthodox churches are present, while in this part of the world there are only 11 canonically recognized Orthodox churches.
While these "principles" could be located canonically, the omission of numerous areas of the Old Testament in Yoder's work indicates that these scriptural "principles" may not necessarily have to be fully "canonical" to provide normative guidance.
Indeed, so lucid is the exposition throughout that the book makes almost as good an introduction to canonically postmodern approaches to the fiction of the 196os, 197os, and 198os as it does to Pynchon in particular.
The scandalous behavior of Archbishop Stefan comes after he unceremoniously appropriated the blessed name and historical heritage of the Bulgarian Patriarchate and Archbishopric of Ohrid to the canonically unrecognized Macedonian Orthodox Church and personally usurped the sacred title of the Archbishops of Ohrid, conveniently omitting the last part of the true title "and of Bulgaria".
Aggregative consequentialist theories are threatened by infinitarian paralysis: they seem to imply that if the world is canonically infinite then it is always ethically indifferent what we do.
The new charter, that replaces the old one issued in January, allows the church to be completely autocephalous, meaning that the church will be canonically and administratively independent, giving it the right to elect its own prelates and bishops, without the need to call a 'Greater Synod' involving the participation of bishops from affiliated Orthodox churches.
This chapter will explore the underlying requirements of canon law for establishing and administering Catholic schools, with a view toward helping to arrive at creative solutions to the question of how best to structure these schools civilly and canonically in order to ensure their temporal, spiritual, and religious well-being, and to assure that they can continue to make the kind of significant contributions to fulfilling the Catholic Church's educational mission in the United States that they have throughout U.