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Every citizen of India will take pride in the recognition being accorded to Mother Teresa for her service to humanity and God through this Canonisation.
Alenchery also led a brief prayer session after the canonisation ceremony took place.
Ironically, the Mass and canonisation rite, in part said in Latin and Italian, did not have Polish prayers in the Prayer of the Faithful after the homily, even if Pope John Paul II was Polish and was instrumental in the downfall of communism in his native land, noted the TV commentator.
Thousands of Irish people are expected to travel to Rome for the double canonisation as both Popes were very popular in this country.
10) On this latter point, see Smoller, "Defining the Boundaries of the Natural," 336-38; on the predominance of miracles in the Brittany inquest (as opposed to the other surviving inquests), see Laura Ackerman Smoller, "Northern and Southern Sanctity in the Canonization of Vincent Ferrer: The Effects of Procedural Differences on the Image of the Saint," in Proces de canonisation, ed.
Three years ago, Sir Jimmy asked the then-promoter of Margaret's cause to search for it in the hope that it would help speed up her canonisation.
Organisers were expecting as many as half a million people for the canonisation Mass, the highlight of the 24-hour visit.
The canonisation of Karol Wojtyla will be the crowning glory of the recent history of Catholicism, linking the last three pontificates," Saverio Gaeta, who wrote a biography of John Paul II, (http://vaticaninsider.
The canonisation of Fr Charles Houben has been fast-tracked because he is credited with performing two miracles.