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The Canonisation procedures in his case began long back and was declared a Venerable in 1984 and was beatified by Pope John Paul II, during his visit to Kerala in 1986.
In fact, a large number of the pilgrims were from Poland, waving Polish flags during the Mass and the canonisation ceremony beamed worldwide by Catholic TV station EWTN and other media companies.
Although there are more than 10,000 saints, many people view them as creatures of the past centuries as it takes decades to declare people as saints, so the canonisation of the former Karol Wojtyla - whom many people witnessed because of his travels to 129 nations as Pope John Paul II would help bridge that gap.
The criteria for canonisation within the Roman Catholic Church are very strict.
A LEADING Irish theologian has accused the Pope of devaluing the process of canonisation by implementing a fast track route to sainthood.
Stein is at least the fifth Holocaust figure the Pope has proposed for canonisation, not counting Pius, also proposed for veneration.
More than 300,000 pilgrims from 80 countries filled St Peter's Square in Rome for the canonisation.
Writer Malachy McCourt and Larry Kirwan, leader of Irish rock band Black 47, are appalled the Catholic Church is opposed to the canonisation of Fr Mychal Judge, who died giving the last rites to one of his firefighters at Ground Zero.
John Paul presided over the canonisation of 87 Chinese Catholics and 33 foreign missionaries killed during a four-century campaign to bring Christ-ianity to the country.