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Francis approved a decree that a Costa Rican woman's inexplicable cure from a deadly brain aneurism was the "miracle" needed to canonize John Paul.
First, he said that steps taken by the Church to canonize or beatify well-known Jewish converts to Catholicism were unwelcome by Jews; second, he criticized the enthusiasm among Vatican officials for Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ; and, third, he argued that Jewish-Catholic dialogue should not be viewed too optimistically, saying, "The ideal is far from the reality" (Nat.
The priest criticized plans to canonize the founder of Opus Dei, Blessed Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer; Italian Capuchin Blessed Padre Pio, a noted confessor whose body was marked with the signs of the crucifixion; and Blessed Juan Diego, the Mexican Indian who saw Our Lady of Guadalupe (NCR, Dec.
The controversy was reignited as Pope John Paul II declared May 22 his intention to canonize Stein, who adopted the name Sr.
What then are we to say about the fact that Christianity honors martyrs--we canonize them--as does Islam?
I wonder if Pope John Paul is thinking along that line when he looks for some married saints, preferably couples, to canonize.
My wife, Alba, and I headed to Rome to see one of our heroes canonize another one of our heroes.
The point here is that the church does not canonize saints simply to honor them or, what is even farther from the mark, to honor their religious orders.
I recently returned from Central America strongly reinforced in my view that the proposal to canonize Archbishop Romero should be dropped.