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But to the perfect redwoods belonged the small but deep canon that threaded its way among the knolls.
Here, poised above a big forested canon, and looking out upon Sonoma Valley, was a small farm-house.
The wall of the canon was several hundred feet from top to bottom, and magnificent were the untouched trees that the place was plunged in perpetual shade.
They were a good pair to sit breakfasting together in Minor Canon Corner, Cloisterham.
And what, Ma dear,' inquired the Minor Canon, giving proof of a wholesome and vigorous appetite, 'does the letter say?
The canon, replying to Don Quixote, said, "In truth, brother, I know more about books of chivalry than I do about Villalpando's elements of logic; so if that be all, you may safely tell me what you please.
When the canon heard both the prisoner and the man who was at liberty talk in such a strain he was ready to cross himself in his astonishment, and could not make out what had befallen him; and all his attendants were in the same state of amazement.
nephew," exclaimed the canon, "if your wife were here, you would behave more rationally.
I sprang up at the words with a dread in my mind, my fears written so plainly in my face, that the old canon came out after me into the garden.
After an hour's rest they advanced again along the canon, until they presently came to a little valley, from which several rocky gorges diverged.
At the same instant the terrified horse made a last frantic effort to escape--the tether parted, and he went careening down the canon toward the desert.
He rendered clear and familiar to himself that vast and tumultuous period of civil law and canon law in conflict and at strife with each other, in the chaos of the Middle Ages,--a period which Bishop Theodore opens in 618, and which Pope Gregory closes in 1227.