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He plays a cantankerous writer with zero people skills.
Known to most of us as the cantankerous Mother Boyle who demands quality and product perfection, this is surely a red carpet celebration you shouldn't miss
Thanks largely to cantankerous AIDS activists, a regulatory loophole allows Americans to legally import small quantities of otherwise unapproved drugs.
where I must reluctantly concede I'm warming to cantankerous loony Naomi Campbell.
So English that he was once cast as Bertie Wooster, Laurie initially seemed like a bit of an odd choice to play cantankerous American doctor House (right), but as the show returns for a new series, it's impossible to imagine anyone else in the role.
I'll be a cantankerous old bird who, as the poem says, 'wears purple, spends my pension on brandy and learns to spit'.
Warren Clarke plays the cantankerous Maurice, with Barbara Flynn as his long suffering wife Rita and Pam Ferris plays Avril, the ageing, man-eating divorcee desperate to find love and long-term happiness.
John takes on the role of cantankerous boot shop owner Henry Horatio Hobson, a widower in Salford in the 1880s with a fondness for drink.
Even Tomi's cantankerous grandfather, released from prison camp because of a stroke, comes to his aid.
He was very spunky, very cantankerous, and didn't always tell you what you wanted to hear," says Aubel, one of Orloff's former students.
They spend the next 65 years in jail, changing over the years from bickering young men into cantankerous old ones.
Albert Finney scooped the best supporting actor award as the lawyer in Erin Brockovich, Dame Judi Dench best supporting actress as the cantankerous grandmother in Chocolat and Vanessa Redgrave, best actress in a mini-series or film made for TV for her role in If These Walls Could Talk 2.