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I never saw a nobler embarrassment than that of this awkward, ungainly, cantankerous man: all.
William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones: The Life of a Cantankerous Confederate
ess Oscarwinning actress Dame Angela, 91, inset, is to play cantankerous and wealthy Aunt March; Gambon, 76, will portray the March family's benevolent neighbour Mr Laurence.
This classic Swedish picture book was first published over sixty years ago and tells the story of a family of crows who live deep in a forest, father, mother, four crow sisters and a crow brother, the cantankerous crow of the title who is out to cause trouble.
Soon after, a cantankerous woman called Miss Shepherd (Maggie Smith) settles in their street.
MR HOLMES 15, 100mins It is 1947 and the world's most famous consulting detective is now an aged, cantankerous old man (played with relish by Ian McKellen) living in a remote Sussex farmhouse, struggling to retain his memory.
But Berkoff is humorous too, particularly when relating his cantankerous run-ins with a BBC commissioning editor and uppity coffee house proprietress, but he speaks warmly of his East End childhood and, more surprisingly, of his old Hollywood co-star Sylvester Stallone.
Do you suppose that behind every magical nanny there is a cantankerous, opinionated old bat?
The first reason for this is that I was a sophomore in college, a year I spent alternating between states of severe drunkenness and less severe eating disorders; but the main one would be to illustrate my horror and disgust at the intimation I would ever voluntarily leave the brilliant, impossible, cantankerous city of which my brilliant, impossible, cantankerous idol seemed the living embodiment.
I expect that my offerings will be cantankerous, but I hope that they will always be civil and at times might even be mildly amusing.
Mellor and co-star Niky Wardley make for funny and likeable leads as a couple with three kids, an irresponsible brother and a cantankerous dad, and this week sees them at their best.
But his dim brother and his cantankerous old dad are keeping something secret.